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What follows is a discussion of a very sensitive subject; in some European countries, I could be put in jail for writing these things. Here, on the Internet, I’ll probably have my social accounts suspended. Speaking the truth can get you in a lot of trouble — it has always been so.

Topic: Muslim society and Western society cannot coexist.

Polls have consistently shown that somewhere around a quarter of all Muslims support the idea of violent jihad to further the goal (stated in the Koran and accepted Hadiths) of converting the entire population of the world to Islam. Polling and intelligence estimates give a figure of about seven percent of all Muslims are actively engaged in planning or implementing some form of terror activity. Reasonable estimates give a total world Muslim population of 1.5 billion. Therefore, we can say there are 375,000,000 Muslims around the world who support violent jihad in furtherance of their religion and, worse, there are 105,000,000 actively involved in its planning and execution. One hundred five million. Let that sink in.

This is not speculation, as evidenced by the daily reports of Muslim-instigated violence around the world. Documentation can be found at this site, as well as many others. We cannot rely on the mainstream media for this news, as they are controlled by the political elites who want this information to be ignored. This may sound like pure conspiracy theory. For that reason, I highly recommend The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray. In this volume, Mr. Murray documents in excruciating detail how the ruling elites of Europe methodically and consistently ignore the will of the populace with regard to immigration, and especially immigration of young men from predominantly Muslim countries. He discusses the problem caused by unchecked immigration and its history in a clear and concise explanation of how western European countries have been inundated with unassimilable peoples.

In large part, this book is a sharp critique of the religion of multiculturalism. Here, religion is the most appropriate noun to use, as the belief in the result of this phenomenon as positive for inhabitants of the West is sustained with no evidence of truthfulness or efficacy and is propounded with a zeal by its high priests only paralleled by the most unabashed of religious cults. Mr. Douglas discusses not only how we arrived at this point, but why we cannot seem to crawl out from under what is clearly a suicidal path for European Civilization.

One of the central questions posed by Mr. Douglas is,

What is the effect of people coming into Europe in very large numbers who have not inherited the doubts and intuitions of Europeans? Nobody knows now, and nobody ever did. All we can be certain of is that it will have an effect. Putting tens of millions of people with their own sets of ideas and contradictions into a continent with its own set of ideas and contradictions is bound to have consequences. The presumption of those who believe in integration is that in time everybody who arrives will become like Europeans, a presumption made less likely by the fact that so many Europeans are unsure of whether they want to be Europeans. A culture of self-doubt and self-distrust is uniquely unlikely to persuade others to adopt its own stance.

Viewing the forced multiculturalism of Europe and the United States from a viewpoint of its inherent problems is bad enough, but then one has to consider The Islam in Islamic Terrorism by Ibn Warraq. In this well-researched and footnoted volume, Mr. Warraq describes the truth of what motivates Islamic terrorists not only in the present time but what has motivated them since the very first century of that religio-political institution. He documents from Islamic sources the overarching belief that the true goal of every Muslim should be to recover the pristine Islam of the time of Muhammad. This must be done by removing all innovations (rational and logical developments). He documents, further, that it is the duty of all believing Muslims to wage Jihad (specifically the second Jihad, the violent type) against all unbelievers until Islam dominates the entire world and the entire Earth is under a single caliphate and is ruled under Sharia law.

As noted above, this radical form of belief is held by a minority of Muslims, but even that minority comprises 375,000,000 people. One of the countless quotes in this book says, “No one, least of all the Islamic fundamentalists themselves, will dispute that their creed and political program are not compatible with liberal democracy. (Bernard Lewis, “Islam and Liberal Democracy,” Atlantic (February, 1993)” If Muslims remained in isolated polities — their own countries — this would not be so distressing. But the fact is, as exhaustively documented by Mr. Douglass, millions upon millions have been not only allowed, but invited into democratic Western European countries as well as the United States. As one European imam said, “By means of your democracy we will invade you. By means of our religion, we shall dominate you.

Mr. Warraq describes with well-documented detail what is driving the violent Islamic jihad in today’s world. He debunks the theories of liberal and conservative western commentator alike that the violence is rooted in resentment of Western economic success and lifestyle. He quotes Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini responding to the idea that Islamic jihad is driven by economic hardship in Muslim countries, (Suzanne Maloney, Iran’s Political Economy since the Revolution (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015) 84) “This movement, which from start to finish, took about fifteen, sixteen years…in which much blood was given and young people were lost… [I]t is our belief that this as all for Islam. I cannot, and no intelligent person can imagine that it could be said that we gave our blood so that melons would be less expensive, that we gave up our young men so that houses would be less expensive… It is for Islam that a person can give up his life. Our saints also gave up their lives for Islam, not for economics… [T]hat a person would want an economic system and would sacrifice his life so that the economic situation would be improved! This is not sensible.

Mr. Warraq documents that terrorism has been the modus vivendi of the Muslim religion since its beginning. The religion was birthed in warfare and has continued the same until today. The violence, death, and destruction we witness today is nothing more than a continuation of centuries of the same since the seventh century. 

Again, it is important to note that only a small percentage of Muslims actively promote violent Jihad against non-believers, but that small percentage comprises over a hundred millions persons who believe it is their goal in life to die in service to their religion. They firmly believe the entire Earth is to be converted to Islam. This may be accomplished by the willing or forced conversion of non-believers or the death of those who refuse to convert. Either way is acceptable to the fundamentalist Muslim.

Many will point to embarrassing passages in the Old Testament that, for example, indicate that God orders the Hebrews to conquer a particular city or territory and kill every living thing in it. The difference is that this reference is to four-thousand-year-old history. A hundred million Muslims today, in the 21st century, believe they still have a holy mandate to wage physical, violent warfare against any and all unbelievers.

Even with the documentation available concerning the fact that fundamentalist Islam is, at its core, a religion of death and violence against unbelievers, non-Muslims will still have difficulty believing this. We have been raised in a culture of rationality where we value personhood. We, most of us in Western Civilization, abhor indiscriminate violence in pursuit of ideals, whether political or religious. That’s where The Closing of the Muslim Mind:  How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis is a valuable introduction to the problem of the Muslim religion. In this book, Robert R. Reilly documents the development of Islam from its beginnings to a period in the middle ages when it allowed the germ of enlightenment to flourish. Muslim philosophers such as Averroes brought a form of rationality to the religion that allowed it to move forward with modern thought even ahead of much of Europe. Unfortunately, this was a relatively short-lived development and was soon quashed by a conservative, fundamentalist form of Islam. Averroes was banished to a remote location and the era of Islamic Enlightenment came to a sudden and definite end.

Since the late Middle Ages, the “religion” of Mohammed has become one of intolerance in which any move toward modern, rational thought has been “discouraged” under pain of death. While the Western World went through ages of self-discovery through self-doubt, including violence toward those who held unorthodox beliefs, which, admittedly, changed according to the will of whoever was in power, the Muslim culture and religion, for all practical purposes, petrified into one of legalistic, literalistic blind faith. True, the majority of Muslims are definitely not violent revolutionaries, but it is impossible to control those who are. What remains today is a weak, impoverished majority of peaceful Muslims having to endure the leadership of a radicalized minority who nevertheless rule the overall tenor of Muslim culture.

This brings us to modern times when Muslims, beaten back from Western Europe in 1529, now resume their conquest with peaceful methods in the 21st century. Weak-willed European leaders, through an exaggerated sense of misplaced guilt, have allowed an invasion of third-world Muslims to inundate the European continent over the last decade. Thus we find, in 2015, 40 percent of Germans said in a survey they felt like foreigners in their own country. By November 2018 a clear majority, 56 percent, attested to “feeling like a foreigner” in their own land. There is, at present, absolutely no indication that this trend will end. 

The Interior Ministry of the German state of North Rhine Westphalia posted a release in 2016 that states:

“The aim of the Muslim Brotherhood is the transformation of the countries with an Islamic majority population into states with Islamist government systems based on Sharia as well as the Islamic legal and living order. Violence is not ruled out to enforce this goal. But it is not a priority. The Muslim Brotherhood rejects democratic state systems, or accepts them only as a temporary solution.” 

It states further:

“Founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is the most influential and oldest Islamist movement in modern political Islam. As a pan-Islamic organization, it is represented not only in all Arab states, but according to its own statements, in 70 countries worldwide. It pursues the goal of founding an Islamic state or adopting existing state systems through infiltration and reshaping it to their liking.” (Emphasis added)

Note the word infiltration. The intent of the speaker is to subvert the governmental and social systems from within. This is a concept that is denigrated by western leaders and media as nothing more than a conspiracy theory. This is a concept most Western deep-state governments, including our own here in America, not only refuse to acknowledge but seem to be facilitating.

There is no doubt that the “average” Muslim is a peaceful and benevolent person. But if you stand with one foot in boiling water and one foot in ice water, on average, you’re still not going to be very comfortable. Averages have nothing to do with the problem Western society faces in the radical, conservative Muslim, whether the person follows ISIS, Wahhabism, or any other sect that proclaims the Medieval philosophy of submit or die as fundamental to the “true” Muslim faith. 

I have friends who are Muslim. They are kind, friendly, interesting persons. But they are not those of the radical minority. I have found that a great majority of people throughout the world desire to live in peace with everyone else and simply take care of themselves and their families, no matter what religion they claim. Still, it is necessary to come to grips with the fact that there are over a hundred million persons who claim to be Muslim who would like to see me dead as I will never convert to their religion, nor will I ever pay the Jizyah. Mr. Murray states correctly in The Strange Death of Europe that the Western mind has for several centuries separated religion from state government. The Western mind has a difficult time coming to grips with the manner of thinking of the radical Muslim: there is NO POSSIBLE SEPARATION between religion and state; religion and the governance of society are so tightly entertwined as to be one and the same thing. 

Imagine ten Muslims at your door wanting to come into your house. A quarter of them believe it is perfectly acceptable to force you to convert to their religion and there is a good chance, about 70%, that one of them is willing and able to kill you and your family and take your home if you refuse. Your decision: do you let them in? The overwhelming majority of people of Western Civilization say no. The politicians and those who control immigration policy say yes.

If the Western world could wake up to the fact that the environment of our culture is not the worst of all possible worlds and someday actually fight for the right of Europeans to not only exist but thrive, I might have hope for my grandchildren. Until then, I can only weep for what might have been.

Western Civilization, rest in peace.


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