You Can’t Handle the Truth

Colonel Jessep:
Son, we live in a world that has 
walls. And those walls have to be 
guarded by men with guns.

Who’s gonna do it? You? I 
have a greater responsibility than 
you can possibly fathom. You weep 
for Santiago and you curse the 
marines. You have that luxury. You 
have the luxury of not knowing what 
I know: That Santiago’s death, while 
tragic, probably saved lives. And my 
existence, while grotesque and 
incomprehensible to you, saves lives.
You don’t want the truth. Because 
deep down, in places you don’t talk 
about at parties, you want me on 
that wall. You need me there.
We use words like honor, code, 
loyalty… we use these words as the 
backbone to a life spent defending 
something. You use ’em as a punchline.
I have neither the time nor the 
inclination to explain myself to a 
man who rises and sleeps under the 
blanket of the very freedom I provide, 
then questions the manner in which I 
provide it. I’d prefer you just said 
thank you and went on your way. 
Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a 
weapon and stand a post. Either way, 
I don’t give a damn what you think 
you’re entitled to.

From A FEW GOOD MEN, by Aaron Sorkin

If you haven’t seen that movie, and if you enjoy movies, I suggest you watch it. In the plot, a Marine unit at Guantanamo Bay, in an effort to maintain discipline and order, have pushed the envelope a little too far, as it were, and caused the death of one of their fellow soldiers on the base. The death is being investigated by a military lawyer, Lt. Kaffee, admirably played by the talented Tom Cruise. The monologue above is from the movie’s climax scene in which Colonel Jessep, played by the incomparable Jack Nicholson, later implicates himself in the death of the fellow Marine. 

The theme of the movie is that even the best intentions can get out of hand without a strong moral compass. 

But I’d like to make a simpler point, a point made by Colonel Jessep just prior to his monologue above. That little bit of dialogue goes like this:

I’ll ask for the fourth time. You 
ordered —
You want answers? 
I think I’m entitled to them.
You want answers?!
I want the truth.
You can’t handle the truth!

From A FEW GOOD MEN, by Aaron Sorkin

And there you have the most famous line from the movie. In fact, it’s become one of the most famous lines of any movie of all time.

You can’t handle the truth! And we in Western society have come to the point where we cannot handle the truth either.

Mike Rowe became even more famous than he was before the show Dirty Jobs by creating and starring in that series, which featured people doing work most of us could never imagine being done, much less doing. He showed jobs being done while other people slept or took their kids to soccer games or sat at a computer screen writing code; jobs that, were they not done, society as we know it would come to a sudden and disgusting halt. People have to collect garbage and maintain sewers and clean up roadkill. People harvest bat guano for fertilizer and kill rats and other rodents we’d rather not have in our neighborhoods, much less our houses. (Except, apparently, in Baltimore.)

And then there are people who work in animal slaughter houses. If you’re not a vegetarian and don’t hunt for your own meat, someone is doing the dirty work for you. 

We don’t want to think about these jobs being done. We don’t want to imagine that they’re necessary. And we certainly don’t want to think about or acknowledge that there’s a job done by the military, standing on a proverbial wall, gun in hand, protecting us from the bad guys. We don’t even want to admit that there are bad guys, even when the evidence blows up in our faces or rapes our daughters or kills our children. 

We can’t handle the truth. 

Here’s just a sample of the situation in Europe and the United States:

  • Muslim families in the West have 2-3 times more children than non-Muslims.
  • Muslims are demanding that mosques be built and we are complying with their demand.
  • Muslims demand special prayer rooms and time off during work for prayer.
  • Muslims are demanding the right to pre-screen textbooks used in our public schools and to veto any they deem negative to Islam.
  • Muslims are demanding the negation of our free speech laws, saying anything that offends a Muslim should be illegal. We are complying with their wishes.
  • Muslims are demanding we cater to their special dietary needs and we are complying.
  • Muslims demand the right to wear clothing in public that completely obscures their physical features. We are complying. 
  • Muslims demand the right to stop traffic and normal daily business of non-Muslims by praying en-masse in public. We allow it.
  • Muslims demand their own Sharia courts. The DailyMail reports there are currently 85 Sharia courts in England.
  • Muslim organizations whose clearly-stated goals are at odds with institutions of their host countries are allowed to continue and to receive funding, sometimes even public funding. 
  • Muslims work in military and security organizations whose end goals are at odds with Western society, culture, and law. For example, there are Muslims working for the TSA. One of the goals of that organization is to stop Islamic terrorism on airplanes, but of course, the term “Islamic Terrorism is not politically correct, so it is ignored. There is no requirement on the part of Muslims to negate any faith obligation to Islam, creating clear and present conflicts of interest. That the Muslim’s loyalty will lie with his religion and culture are not doubted. 
  • Our mainstream media is afraid to say anything critical of Islam.
  • Our public institutions-education, legal, public service–all favor Islam over native institutions.

A few Good Men was written many years ago (1992) before the Islamic menace was apparent. The movie deals with the “danger” of opposing military forces in Cuba. If the movie were made today, it could not use as its antagonist Muslims; that would be much too politically incorrect.

We can’t handle the truth.

Violent crime, including aggravated assault, rape, and murder are at all-time highs in countries that have accepted large numbers of Muslim “refugees.” In fact, the increase in this type of crime correlates quite well with the influx of “refugees” in each country. 

Still, the mainstream media line (which, for all practical purposes is indistinguishable from the government) is that the increased crime has nothing to do with the increase of Muslims in the country. Nothing to see here. Move along. It’s all purely coincidental. 

We can’t handle the truth. 

Unlike Colonel Jessep and his Marines on Guantanamo, we won’t allow our military to protect us from invasion. We seem to have something in our DNA that not only allows, but desires our own cultural destruction. Western thought and philosophy is built upon a wealth of self-reflection, self-doubt, and pure inquisitiveness as to how we know what we know. What is truth? What is reality? Well before the Age of Enlightenment, we began coming up with some pretty far-out philosophies; we weren’t entirely sure of our right to exist, or whether we even existed at all. 

This soul-searching is what allowed and encouraged the acceptance of the “other” on an equal footing with ourselves. Philosophically, this might have been very interesting and a lot of fun, but it will lead inexorably to our self-destruction when it comes up against a people, Muslims or Islamists, who have no sense of self-doubt, no sense of the rights of the “other,” and no sense of the efficacy of human rationality. We use our minds; they use their fists. Our goal is accommodation while theirs is infiltration. Western culture passed through the age of expansion and physical conquest long ago; they’re right in the middle of it.

We blindly pursue our trivial lives while we are being invaded by a medieval society intent on our destruction. We desperately need some people standing on the wall, guns in hand, willing and able to do what’s necessary to protect Western society.

But we can’t handle the truth. 

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