When I Became a Nationalist

In every life, there are events in times and places that stand out as formative in one’s outlook on life, in one’s very core philosophy of existence. One of mine came as I walked across Spain on one of the Caminos de Santiago. I walked the Camino Catalan from Montserrat, a monastery near Barcelona. For the first few weeks, it was a lonely walk, giving me lots of time to contemplate who and what I was. I walked primarily through very small northern Spanish towns where I experienced a type of existence I’ve never before seen. It wasn’t until I reached Galicia in northwest Spain that I realized what had produced deep in my soul a powerful and unknown feeling: I was struck by a powerful feeling of loss:

Loss of culture.

Loss of home.

Loss of belonging.

I wrote the following in a book about my travels. It’s worth repeating here as the culture I grew up in, Western Civilization, is being systematically and intentionally destroyed. The following concerns Galicia in northwest Spain.

As I walked through this beautiful, lush region of Spain, and as I think back with help from my photos, I felt, and can still feel, an attachment to the country that I’ve never been able to muster for anyplace I’ve lived in the United States. When I was a child, my family moved frequently, owing to my father’s job, so I never had the opportunity to develop feelings of home, for a place. Even when I got older and my family stopped moving so often, I didn’t feel any attachment to a city, a state, or even the country in which I lived. I chalked this up to having lived the “gypsy” lifestyle, never settling in one place during those early years of life when we develop attachments to the land, a region, or a culture. Feeling an attachment to a geographical region was not even in my capacity to imagine in the past. But here, in Galicia, it was easy to comprehend how people could feel oneness with their pueblo (town) and with Galicia, how one could feel that, absent their homeland, they would be incomplete.

I had never had that feeling, but nevertheless I missed it and envied Gallegos and all true Spaniards for having it.

We who are citizens of the United States of America have no culture, for ours is a “culture of the melting pot.” Or so we’re led to believe. This country was founded on the principles of individual freedom, of respect for others, of the cumulative knowledge and philosophical basis of European society. But at some time we decided that our culture was deficient, that we should be more accepting of those who held different beliefs and worldviews.

This acceptance led to the downfall of all we had worked for over the past several centuries. Our liberal philosophy of inclusion, of acceptance of others led to the acceptance of those who held a philosophy diametrically opposed to ours. Now we find ourselves accepting those who literally wish to destroy us. We have no philosophical foundation that allows us to say “No! No — you may not destroy what we have worked centuries to achieve. You may not destroy our civilization.”

We are a peaceful, if naive people who believe that our elected leaders have our best interests at heart.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our elected leaders are nothing more than an example of everything that is deficient in democracy. As the founders of this country knew, democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where the majority of “have-nots” vote to take from the “haves.” The political leaders know this is the propensity of the majority of the electorate, so they prey on the weakness and ignorance of the masses, promising the world and delivering nothing more than slavery.

More to the point, if the masses do not show enough ignorance and willingness to be enslaved, our political leaders open the gates to allow those from third world countries to occupy our country. The nation our founders established, based on the accumulated reason and rationality of centuries of struggle through the Middle Ages, the Rennaissance, and the Enlightenment is quickly coming to an end because these ideals do not serve the interests of those who have risen to positions of political power.

Unless a sufficient number of people wake up to the danger we face, our Western ideals of tolerance, inclusion, and irrational love of diversity will destroy us.

The society in which I grew up condemns me for my desire to preserve my heritage. I accept most people I know will react negatively to what I have written, thinking I’m a racist and a xenophobe. So what’s new? I fully understand that by today’s definition of racism I am a racist purely based on the fact that I am white. In today’s parlance, all whites are racist and only whites are capable of being racist.

The fact that I disagree with this definition of racism matters not; I would be a voice crying in the wilderness. Better is to ignore the moniker and move on. In every social movement of the past, a very small minority have had to clear the path, to lead the way for others to eventually follow when they have finally been convinced of the facts. Only then are the leaders, the early adopters seen as correct and prescient.

I saw and experienced ancient towns in Spain whose residents could claim a heritage of hundreds, possibly thousands of years. If we citizens of Western Society do not begin defending what is ours we will never have the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of belonging and ownership of a culture that has created the freest, most accepting, most rational, most technologically advanced culture in the history of the world. Our irrational acceptance of those who wish to destroy us will bring our downfall.

A civilization that refuses to defend itself is doomed to failure.

Are you willing to defend Western Civilization?

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