That Race and IQ Thing…

Here we are in the land of the free and home of the brave in 2019 and there are ideas you are not allowed to think, much less vocalize.  Specifically, you’re not allowed to ask if there a measurable difference in average IQ between any two races. The visceral reaction to this statement, in our PC world, is that to even pose the question is evidence of the speaker’s racism.

And there is no greater sin in today’s PC world than to be racist.

In fact, there is a very large contingent that believes race doesn’t exist, that it’s only a social construct. Therefore, any research into intelligence differences between races is pointless. Note, however, that the absence of race only applies with reference to the “white” race.

Ugandan girl

La Raza, The Race, is a respected organization that exists to advance the interests of Hispanic people, or if you will, the Hispanic race. The Anti-Defamation League is a respected organization that promotes the interests of the Jewish race. The NAACP is a respected organization that promotes the interests of the Black race. Asian Pride is an organization that promotes the interests of the Asian LGBTQ community and there are countless other specific Asian (race-specific) support organizations for Asian lawyers, Asian doctors, engineers, business professionals, journalists, businesswomen, advertising executives, and on and on. All of these organizations exist based on a feeling of separateness and pride of race. To say that race is an invention of white people, invented for the purposes of segregating and subjugating people of other colors, is to claim that an Asian person would look at a Ugandan person and have no concept of racial difference.

Asian girl

People will also reply that the “white race” doesn’t really exist, that there is a broad range of differences among those of, for example, Celtic, Mediterranean, and Norse extraction. Does a Greek person really have any racial relationship to a Scandinavian? That question never seems to come up when Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are claiming separate interests from white people. Blacks from Nigeria consider blacks from Zambia to be racial cousins, even though their cultures are very different. 

Clearly, in the world in which we live, race exists. The question of average IQ differences among those of Jewish, Hispanic, Native American, Semitic (non-Jewish), European/White, Sub-Saharan African, and Asian populations is fair game for study. Certainly, racial divisions can be broken down into finer subsets; many Gypsies, for example, consider themselves to comprise a race. But the very real and obvious manifestation of racial differences in social strife and violence around the world strongly suggests the necessity of research into the causes so that appropriate solutions can be found.

To the objection that concentrating any scientific research into any facet of race difference will only fuel the fire of racism and make the problem worse, I suggest we are already so mired in questions of race that more objective, scientific research couldn’t possibly worsen it. Many of us would prefer to never hear of the word race again, but it is so much a part of our culture that it cannot be ignored. I, personally, would be more than happy to ignore the question of race, but that is not the world I live in. Every disparity between a group of whites and any other group is explained by structural racism. The accepted narrative is that our society is inundated by racism.  Non-whites are under a “white ceiling” and will never rise above it until whites are eliminated. No amount of statistics or fact-based reasoning can dislodge this idea. Are there more blacks imprisoned than whites? Racism is the only explanation offered. Are there more whites in corporate leadership than blacks? Racism again. Is unemployment higher among blacks than whites? Racism. Are children taught the history of Western cultural advancement as driven primarily by white people? More evidence of racism.

If this were a court of law and white people were the defendants in a case of subjugation against all “people of color,” we would have the right to defend ourselves. The prosecution cannot make a blanket statement of guilt without allowing the defense to posit an alternative theory.

The theory some, myself among them,  would like to posit is that differences among racial groups might, at least in part, be explained by differences in average intelligence. If that were found to be the case, even though there would be significant overlap of the normal curves of IQ, it would still demonstrate at the right tails of those curves, in the realm of people of outstanding accomplishments, that there would be more white than black people. Conversely, at the extreme left side of the curves (low intelligence), you would find more black people than white. By the same token, if one were to compare Ashkenazi Jews to Whites, one would find a higher average intelligence among the Jewish cohort, with correspondingly higher concentrations of higher accomplishment among those at the right tails of the normal distribution curve.

Standard intelligence tests have shown that Hispanics fall into a range lower than whites and Blacks into a range lower than Hispanics. Ashkenazi Jews fall into a range higher than Whites. Northeast Asians fall into a range higher than Ashkenazi Jews.

Why is this important? Because if it could be shown that there are causes for poor Black and Hispanic performance other than institutional racism, solutions for the real causes could be advanced. If lower average intelligence results in lower performance, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to look for ways to increase intelligence than simply blame the problem on institutional and structural racism?

A well-known joke goes, a man was looking for his lost quarter under a street lamp. A passerby stopped to help and said, “Where were you when you lost it?” The other man said, “On the other side of the street.” The passerby asked why he was looking for his quarter here. The man replied, “The light’s better here.” Is that what we’re doing in the case of poor Black and Hispanic performance? Are we looking for the cause of low Black and Hispanic achievement where the light is better, rather than addressing the real cause? Are we assigning the cause of disparity of performance on racism because that is the simplest and most expediant explanation? Are we ignoring other possible causes out of a sense of political correctness that disallows even considering other, possibly correct explanations?

The short answer is yes. To the question, “Is Black and Hispanic underperformance due to institutional and systemic racism or might there be other factors and causes,” the PC cognoscenti reply, “I don’t know and you’re not allowed to know either.” This is not unlike the attitude of every authoritarian regime in the history of the world. The Communist revolution in Russia, the “Great Leap forward” revolution in China, and the social revolution that resulted in the killing fields of Cambodia all share the same fundamental strategy: Control of the questions that can be asked and the answers that can be disseminated.

We see a huge overlap among the average intelligence of Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, and other races. But the notable accomplishments are not those of the average person, those who fall within one standard deviation of the average, but those in the tails of the normal distribution, those above two standard deviations above the norm. If intelligence is correlated with success in any endeavor, a phenomenon that has been shown to be the case time and again, then we would naturally expect to see over-representation of the peoples of higher intelligence in positions of leadership and accomplishment. In fact, this is exactly the case.

Many Whites still decry the overrepresentation of Jews in positions of leadership in business, finance, entertainment, and other fields. But if we consider that Jews are, on average, more intelligent than Whites this is to be expected. Multiple studies have shown this to be the case. It’s common knowledge that northeast Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) excel in business and all other areas where raw intelligence benefits when coming to the United States. Here in the US, they are allowed to realize their potential, which they do with amazing results. Multiple studies have also shown that northeast Asians are, on average, the most intelligent race, so their fanancial success should come as no surprise. Looking at the normal distribution curve below, note that the those at the right tail, above two standard deviations, comprise only 2.2% of the entire population. Above three standard deviations, we find only .1% (one-tenth percent). This is where the extremely intelligent, the extremely talented, the extremely driven individuals are found. Shifting the curve only slightly to the left, representing only a slightly lower average IQ (or other factor of measurement), makes a huge difference in the number of the population that fall into the area above two standard deviations.

On the other end of the spectrum, if Blacks and Hispanics are less represented in the normal measures of success, and over-represented in prisons and welfare roles, might this be explained by their over-representation in the left-hand tails of the normal distribution of the intelligence curve?

How can we know the answer to these questions if research into racial average intelligence is disallowed? Because intelligence is highly correlated with standard measures of success or lack thereof, as well as with the preponderance for criminality, would it not make sense to research the intelligence level of races before concluding that disparate representation in business, politics, and the arts is purely a matter of institutional racism?

If differences in average intelligence of identifiable races are used as justification for feeling superior, that issue should be addressed separately from the basic question of average racial intelligence. The challenge of changing attitudes so that we do not equate intelligence with the value of any individual person is a separate matter, but we cannot ignore an issue because the ramifications of knowledge will make life more difficult.

With that said, is improving society by solving the real problem more difficult than trying to improve people’s lives by solving a problem that doesn’t exist? It benefits you nothing to look for your quarter under a street light just because the light is better.

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