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Whether you are looking for software solutions to market products you already have, or are looking for a product to market to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities available by being able to reach billions of potential clients and customers, this is the place to start. For years I searched for a way to earn a living from virtually anywhere in the world and finally found it. Spare yourself the time and money I wasted and check out this solution to see if you don’t agree it’s the ultimate solution.


I also edit and proofread fiction or non-fiction writing. I specialize in editing documents translated into English from another language. Frequently those who are not native English speakers, if they possess less than native fluency, will err in grammar and the fine points of usage and meaning. I edit and rewrite, conforming as closely as possible to the writer’s style, and produce a document that reads as if it were written by a native English speaker.

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My Books

I’ve written a couple of travel memoirs about my walks across European countries. In 2012 I walked the Camino de Santiago from near Barcelona to Finisterre, Spain. The memoir is titled Sauntering to Santiago. Three years later I walked from Barcelona to Rome and wrote a memoir, Where the Roads Lead. I’ve also written about Crystal Ambrose, an intelligent, vivacious, if somewhat too inclined to risk-taking Midwestern woman who hatches a desperate plan to save her fledgling mortgage brokerage and gets involved with the world of organized crime. Not one to ever be satisfied with second chair, she of course tries to rise to the top. Read about her in a 5-volume series currently in work, the first of which is now available as A Woman for Five Seasons.

Another book you may find of interest is a collection of letters my mother wrote from Paris, France in 1959 and 1960 when my family lived there. I edited and compiled the letters into a book available on Amazon as Letters From Paris.

And finally, at least for now, I edited a book by Dr. Bashar Mustafa titled Enigma: The Phoenician Anthropoid Sarcophagus. This is a fascinating study of the structure and meaning of these elaborate coffins from ancient times.

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