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GDPR: Are You Ready?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last several months, you know that there is this new law from the European Union that took effect May 25th. To wit, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Ensure you're GDPR-compliant with WP GDPR Fix Elite
WP GDPR Fix Eliete

The GDPR is part of the Data Protection Act 2018. The main provisions of this also take effect on May 25th, 2018. If you run a web site and do not restrict its access to only those outside of the European Union, this set of rules and regulations affects you. Non-compliance could lead to fines in the tens of millions of dollars. (Yes, that’s the extreme, but do you want to open yourself to this kind of headache, even if your fine only runs into the hundreds of thousands, or “only” tens of thousands?

I won’t go into the details of the entire act, which runs to over 100 web pages. If you want to read the entire thing, you can find it here. For most of us (the non-Googles and non-Amazons of the world) we probably won’t be targets of class action lawsuits and constant harassment by privacy hounds and people looking to make a quick buck (or million). Still, if you have a web site, you need to protect yourself. 

Enter WP GDPR Fix Elite

There are some basic requirements that all websites must comply with. These are basically statements and pages you’ll need to include if your site accepts traffic from people residing in EU countries and policies and procedures you have to institute and of which you must notify your site visitors:

  • Cookie Consent,
  • Terms and Conditions,
  • Privacy Policy,
  • Right to Be Forgotten,
  • Data Access Request Form,
  • Data Breach Notification,
  • Data Rectification Requirements.

You may already have a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, but are they compliant with the GDPR? 

This plugin for WordPress sites makes sure you have all the required pages. As the pages are legal statements, the authors did not create the statements as part of the plugin. (That would be legal and financial suicide. In fact, the plugin specifically states: While WP GDPR Fix implements many of the GDPR requirements it may not be enough to cover the unique compliance needs of your business. We recommend you consult a professional privacy or GDPR consultant to make sure your business practices and site structure is compliant to GDPR and implement any extra measure if needed.) You’ll have to do some research and find the wording that’s correct for your site, but if you run a web site you have enough experience on the Internet to know that finding some good legal templates is no problem. 

The main thing you’re concerned with is ensuring your site has the pages and offers the information that makes you compliant with GDPR. With this plugin you’ll have a guide to help you through the process of compliance.

Here’s a partial sample of the main WP GDPR Fix Elite plugin page. It lists all the required pages and notices and tells you, after analyzing your site, whether you are in compliance with each. You simply click on the title/link of the page and you’re taken to another page that gives you the setup options and requirements to ensure you’re in compliance with that particular requirement.  

WP GDPR Fix Elite Cookie notice page
The cookie compliance page is easy to configure
WP GDPR Fix Elite Refuse EU Compliance Page
Easily tell your site whether to accept EU visitors

For example, clicking on “Accept EU Traffic” (below) brings up a page with a simple check box. You then have the option to redirect these potential customers to another page. 

The Cookie Consent page (above) shows some of the options available to you. Note that each page allows the use of an “accept” button to ensure your users actively consent to the policy stated on your site. This is important in protecting yourself from legal challenges later on.

WP GDPR Fix Elite Installation

 WP GDPR Fix Elite is installed as any other Word Press plugin: Download from the site as a zip file after purchase, upload to your host site, extract the files, and activate the plugin from your WordPress console. From there, the plugin will be be available in the menu with the rest of the plugins that require configuration. My installation went without a hitch — everything worked easily and completely as expected. I was able to get my site GDPR-compliant within about 30 minutes, most of which was spent looking for suitable samples of the required statements. 

Purchase of the product gives you access to support and training. The training is in the format of 12 (twelve!) videos on Youtube, the norm for all training these days. This old guy prefers to read a manual, but I have to get used to new-fangled ways I suppose. The videos are screen capture with good resolution and good-quality voice-overs. The narrator takes his time and explains everything well so you should have no problem getting up and running.

You’ll also receive access to not 1, not 2, not 3 but 9 (nine!) bonus offers. I won’t spoil the surprise but they’re all useful products.

My Recommendation

For the price of the product you can’t do better. I highly recommend WP GDPR Fix Elite for anyone who runs a WordPress site. Sure, you could restrict traffic to only non-EU countries, but why do that when a simple plugin will protect your interests? I strongly suggest you check out WP GDPR Fix Elite here and add it to your WordPress site. 

DeMar Southard
DeMar Southard, your humble reviewer

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