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You Need Traffic Victory for Your Internet Marketing Business

As with all my IM reviews, this is not just a sales pitch for Traffic Victory. I don’t use a lot of incomplete sentences of bad grammar (that was a shameless plug for my editing services). I don’t use a lot of white space and eye-catching fonts with colorful text and multiple “calls to action.”

This is an honest review. I’ll tell you right up front that I’ve purchased and used Traffic Victory.

It’s worth every penny.

Traffic victory header
Traffic Victory

The basic product, which you can purchase for an extremely reasonable price, is a series of videos and PDFs that get you up to speed, starting from zero (no web, never made a dime in Internet marketing) and taking you through everything you’ll need to know to run an income producing Internet machine. The basic topic is SEO — you’ll get Marc Gray’s expert advice on how to maximize your site so it can be found by search engines. This is how you get free traffic from people who are actively searching for what you have to offer.

This isn’t just an SEO primer. Marc’s course contains information and advice you won’t get in SEO books or other online sources. Some people know every trick in the book; Marc knows tricks that aren’t in the book — tips and tricks based on years of experience and success.

The course contains several hours of videos as well as printed materials. If you choose, you can also purchase a DFY program so that you hardly have to do any work. This review covers the main product. I list here some of the primary content, but this is far from a complete table of contents of this course.

Traffic Victory: The First Series of Videos

Traffic Victory Module One
Traffic Victory Module One

begins with an introduction to Internet marketing to make sure everyone is on the same page as he walks through the process. He covers Why MMO site, income, and making contacts.

The second and third videos are basically a show-and-tell of Google rankings and a case study of the web site, “The Wolf of Internet Marketing,” which he readily admits is borrowed from the movie title, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” (a very good movie, IMHO). I fully understand wanting to set the stage and introduce himself as someone to listen to based on results, but both videos could be combined into one — all the information that’s needed could be reduced to one short video.

He provides documents that you can download and use for reference:

  • Legal Pages Copy & Paste
  • 7-Day SEO Plan
  • Review Template
  • Robots Text copy paste
Traffic Victory Module Two
Traffic Victory Module Two

The second module of videos covers

choosing a domain name and actually setting up your site with a host and installing WordPress and various plugins you’ll need. This is a great introduction for those who are just getting started with Internet marketing and owning a site. For those of us who have been running a site for several years, this is a lot of review. If you’re just getting started, this is a great introduction to everything you’ll need to know to get your site up and running. The module includes:

  • how to choose a POWER domain name,
  • how to buy the domain,
  • hosting,
  • SSL,
  • CDN,
  • cache,
  • and how to set up add-on domain,
  • how to set up WordPress,
  • hiding core user ID and installing plugins,
  • setting up widgets, Yoast SEO (my personal SEO of choice) and how to verify your site with Google,
  • what is robots.txt and how to set it up to maximize search engine performance.

The third module covers

  • more on robots.txt

    Traffic Victory Module Three
    Traffic Victory Module Three
  • making your site live with Fetch
  • setting up WordPress Smush,
  • using Google Analytics
  • SSL, CDN, Cacher, and how to set an add-on domain
  • how you can add your site to a CDN and why prefixes are important

Module four covers

  • social media accounts,
  • backlinks,
  • finding the best products to promote,
  • how to put together bonus packages to increase your conversions,

    Traffic Victory Module Four
    Traffic Victory Module Four
  • how to create your content and your reviews, types of reviews,
  • how to create a browser icon,
  • how to stay organized,
  • TinyMCE,
  • keyword images,
  • learn about Schema ratings.


Finally (this is all included in the ridiculously priced base product!)

Module five includes

  • Specific information concerning on-page Search Engine Optimization,

    Traffic Victory Module Five
    Traffic Victory Module Five
  • what to do once your content is up:
    • how to promote it,
    • how to get traffic to it,
    • how to use Fetch and social signals,
  • the complete 7-day SEO plan that Marc himself uses on every post, and how you can do the same.

If you’re not a wildly successful Internet marketer and if you haven’t yet written THE book on SEO,

Traffic Victory is an invaluable course.

In addition to the base product you’ll also get access to several bonuses:

A WordPress plugin to enable you to create viral content and drive additional free traffic to your site.

Another training program, Traffic Victory Quick Skill, to improve your Internet marketing skills for even more income.

And there are more bonuses. I can’t believe Marc would sell all this for such a low price, but it’s his business. If it were me, I wouldn’t let this go for less than $100 plus a monthly subscription fee. In fact, just listening to Marc’s occasional ramblings while he explains something in a video is worth well more than the price of admission. The guy has a lot of experience and shares it throughout the videos.

This is not something you’ll just plug in and use – it’s an education program that will take some of your time. But if you’re serious about IM, you’ll want to watch many of his videos more than once.




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