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Social Media Marketing from Viking Publishing is your introduction to information and skills you’ll need to be successful in online marketing. Utilizing social media won’t be 100% of your marketing strategy, of course. Email will still be a vital component of your media presence, but as social media usage grows among hundreds of millions of people in the world, its usage becomes more important daily. 

I found this book to be very useful by first explaining how best to use social media. While at first blush it may seem to be a good venue to post product announcements and special offers, there’s a much better use for this tool. The information presented in Viking Social Media Marketing will let you know how this tool can best be used for your business. This alone was worth the purchase price.

Structure and Content of the Course

This multi-media education course (audio, video, PDF eBook) will explain the terminology you need to understand the world of social media. The author explains native advertising, sponsored content, organic content, and other terms so that you gain a general understanding of the field and can better make use of the information. 

Next, the content proceeds to the various social media platforms, beginning with, of course, Facebook. In this writer’s humble opinion, the day Facebook is relegated to 2nd or 3rd place in the online marketer’s arsenal can’t come too soon. But until that day, we’ll have to grin and bear it. Viking Social Media Marketing delves into this platform and explains what you need to know to make the best use of it. Other Viking education courses, Facebook Marketing and Facebook Advertising, go into more detail, but this course gives you the quick start you need to get up and running. 

The course then proceeds to introduce you to Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. I realize anyone interested in online marketing has already heard of these platforms, but I appreciated the information the author presented. Each platform has its target audience and purpose. Understanding this is vital to creating individual platform strategies. For more information and detail on these marketing platforms, I also recommend Viking Twitter Advertising, Viking Twitter Marketing, and Viking LinkedIn Marketing.

Do You Have Clear Goals?

More than simply explaining the most common social media platforms available to the online marketer, this course will help you to map out marketing goals. For one getting started in this business, this part of the course is as valuable as the first. 

As the author says, “Countless entrepreneurs and businesses have setup a social presence, made a few posts, and then let their account sit untouched for months or even years. This is usually due to a lack of goals.” Does this sound like your experience? Without specific, measurable, and attainable goals, with timelines and deadlines, you’ll never know if the time and money you’re spending to promote your site have been worth the effort. The author discusses goals such as traffic numbers, social presence, increasing your passive presence and audience, brand awareness, and others. All of these are critical to your online marketing success.

With marketing goals established, the course then delves into some methods to create quality marketing content. The author leads you through creating, curating, and leveraging your social marketing.  You’ll learn this through his explanations of the fundamentals of basic posts, image posts and memes, videos, and curated and repurposed content. As I began the course I expected a purely introductory set of information, but I found more than that. With the information in this course, I was able to actually get a pretty good handle on where my initial marketing efforts had fallen short and what to do to fix them. Thanks to this course my content planning is better and more efficient, and the time I spend on marketing is much more effective. 

And Finally…

The course ends with suggestions for some tools, services, and references for other help that I never knew of. Even if you have made a good-faith start in online marketing, if you don’t consider yourself one who could readily give a fifteen- or twenty-minute expert talk in the role and use of social media marketing, this is probably a course you should spend some time with. 

Check it out here.

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