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The reader will find Shopify Secrets an honest book, not “salesy;” the very first pages are filled with things to consider before starting any business. Specifically, what should you consider with an on-line business? Even more specifically, what should you consider when deciding whether a Shopify business is for you?. You’ll be asked, for example:

  • Are you able to devote the time involved to make your store successful?
  • Do you have the ability to invest in your store while still meeting your financial responsibilities?
  • Can you compromise the lifestyle that you are used to in order to have money to spend on setting up your store?
  • Can you work on your store for a year or more without seeing any profit?
  • Will you be able to keep yourself motivated even if you feel as if you aren’t having immediate success with your store?

These questions continue. They’re a valuable part to the beginning of the book. If, after seriously considering your answers, you decide to continue with your venture, at least you’ll pursue the effort with your eyes open and with reasonable expectations. This preparation alone is worth the small investment in this course.

You Decide to Continue

Let’s say, after considering the downside, you’re still interested in developing your online business. Obviously, you’ve given some thought to why you might want to do this, but the book will give you more reasons. The author has provided a good list of the advantages of running your own online business, including:

  • Be your own boss,
  • Work from home,
  • Have the potential to make an unlimited amount of money,
  • You’ll have numerous advantages with Shopify over starting a brick-and-morter store.

Then you’ll get a list of advantages of opening a Shopify store. Among these are:

  • With Shopify, there is no huge investment,
  • You get the benefit of the entire Shopify team,
  • The platform is so intuitive that you can start building your store right after logging in,
  • Your store will have incredible security.

This book is written for people who have no experience in starting and running an e-commerce business, so it starts out with an introduction to e-commerce and how to determine and select your product niche. The author explains why you want to focus on a specific niche market and what to do to ensure that you have the best chance possible to make a success of your store.

You’ll want to consider…

Different from a lot of inexpensive eBooks you’ll come across, this book actually goes into detail about a lot of things you’ll want to consider when determining your product, such as

  • Market size,
  • Demographics,
  • Determining your ideal customer.

These are all vital to choosing products and ensuring that you target your marketing to potential buyers to maximize your return on investment in advertising.

An important part of developing your marketing strategy is knowing your competition. Shopify Secrets doesn’t hold back on this important topic, but gives the reader vital information on this critical aspect of business success.

After you’ve chosen a product or line of products and analyzed your market and competition and competition, there’s still an important consideration that, if not performed, will lead to failure:

  • Why should someone buy from your store rather than one of countless others on the internet?
  • What is your unique selling proposition?
  • How do you set yourself off from the crowd?

Making Yourself Unique

Shopify Secrets devotes an entire chapter to making yourself unique among your competitors. It would be impossible analyze this topic in this eBook, even if it were hundreds of pages long, but you’ll be given enough information to enable you to intelligently pursue the topic on the Internet and in various other books that concentrate on the subject. Topics discussed include:

  • Going above and beyond,
  • Creating a winning brand,
  • Making your marketing memorable,
  • Creating a compelling blog (see Achieve Blogging Buzz and Blogging Bounty for more information),
  • Your unique value proposition.

There are different types of products available to sell on Shopify. Shopify Secrets devotes an entire chapter to understanding digital, physical, and subscription products. Your circumstances can have a great impact on the type of product you decide to market, so this information is invaluable to your initial planning.

Other Details to Consider

You’ll also find chapters devoted to how to make yourself an expert in your niche. There’s even a chapter on laws, regulations, and restrictions for your business and your products.

Part two of this book goes into the mechanics of setting up a Shopify store, where to get your Shopify products, where to look to buy items wholesale, getting digital products to sell, and more. Then Shopify Secrets proceeds to choosing the right Shopify package. When you start selling with Shopify, there are different packages that you’ll be choosing from in order to use the platform to sell your products or services. Choosing the right package is important because it will determine what sort of features you get with your store and the tools that you’ll have at your disposal to run your business.

You’ll find information on integration with social media sites, credit card rates, transaction fees, and much more that will get you a long way down the road to getting your Shopify Store operational.


You may have heard about and read about Shopify and have considered starting an online business using this tremendous tool. I would not recommend doing so without reading Shopify Secrets first.

You can download the eBook here.

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