Review: Sense Drill, an Invaluable Online Marketing Tool

Okay, you’ve spent time on your web site, it’s full of topical, informative, and timely content. You’ve integrated your social media accounts and make daily or twice daily posts to them. And you’re still overwhelmed with the amount of information you receive constantly on how to make some cash out of all this.┬áIf you haven’t heard of Sense Drill, you’re in for a treat.

If you’ve read my other reviews, you probably know I place a high value on high-quality product content delivered with high-quality training. Sense Drill has plenty of both. And as with my other reviews, this is not a copy of the Sense Drill landing page. I only offer reviews of products I have purchased, used, and found valuable, and I won’t waste your time giving you information you can easily find on a sales page. So with that out of the way…

My Review of Sense Drill

Sense Drill is an in-depth training program to show you how, from the very basics to the PhD level, to utilize the most effective promotion to drive traffic to your site, then how to monetize that traffic–make money from it. I don’t want to spoil any surprises here, but the method involves making the most efficient use of FaceBook ads and Google Adsense. In my years of on-line marketing I’ve purchased plenty of programs and products that promise the world and deliver a wheel barrow full of dirt. Their training consists of poorly-written documentation and sloppy videos with barely intelligiblevoice-overs.

Not so with Sense Drill. The program is presented with high-quality videos and PDF guides that lead you step-by-step in a logical and orderly manner through the how, what, when, where, and why of everything you need to know to make use of the information.

The training program is presented in three parts:

  1. How are we going to make money?
    – Adsense site setup and account approval. This part includes

    Sense Drill Funnel Blueprint
    Sense Drill Funnel Blueprint

    10 in-depth instructional videos. There’s a ton of important information here — you’ll want to take your time and make sure you understand everything. I found it helpful to have an external monitor so I could follow the videos on one while I went through the setup with Adsense on the other.

  2. How are we getting traffic?
    – FB fan page setup and Ads optimization comprises 6 modules that leads you through the process of designing and creating FaceBook ads. I don’t know about you, but I tried to set up FB ads before this training and there are a lot of confusing settings in there. With this training I was able to go through each step as the training led me through. I was able to easily create an effective FB ad.
  3. Case Studies to replicate the complete system
    – Replicate with our Fb ads to generate dirt cheap traffic. You don’t even have to create your own ads; there’s plenty of help here to allow you to create compelling, effective Facebook ads.
Facebook screen shot
You’ll have plenty of screen shots showing where you’ll find all the information you need.

The training steps you through

  • market research,
  • creating a FaceBook fan page,
  • creating viral posts,
  • running your first FB ad,
  • monitoring the results,
  • ad optimization.

And sure, you can find all this on the Internet; you can find enough information on this stuff to keep you busy eight hours a day for the next six months. The great thing about Sense Drill is the information is boiled down to what you need to know and presented in a manner that lets you take advantage of it step by step.

Alternate Solution

But what if you don’t feel up to the task of creating a web site, a FaceBook fan page, Google Adsense, content creation, monitoring, and optimization? Sense Drill training even comes with a guide on how to out-source all that work. Yes, you’ll have to pay for the service, but you’d be surprised how inexpensive it is to find highly capable people to do all that for you. If this is all new to you it will take some time to learn how to do everything efficiently. However, for those with experience, it’s all done pretty fast and easy, so you can get someone to do this for about what you might spend on a week’s budget for Starbucks.

Sense Drill works!
Sense Drill works!

No matter where you are in your online marketing career, FaceBook marketing and Google Adsense is a necessary component of your marketing program. Sense Drill is packed with all the information you need to take advantage of these necessary parts of your overall strategy and it’s presented in a manner that will allow you to quickly become an expert in these two site monetization avenues.

Sense Drill Recommendation:

Purchase Sense Drill, take a day and study the information, follow the videos to get yourself set up or to at least learn the information so that if you decide to out-source the process you can tell your contractor exactly what you need and expect. You’ll need and want to devote some time to the program, but that’s because there’s so much information contained in it. Don’t short yourself–don’t buy this and allow it to sit unused.

If there’s one negative I can report, it’s the dependency on being accepted by Google Adsense. I’m not a fan of Google, but we’re all, all of us online marketers, dependent on the 800-pound gorilla. I had some challenges with getting approved by Adsense. It’s not an easy route and if you’re not at first accepted, Google doesn’t do a good job of informing you what the problem might be. In fact, they do an absolutely rotten job. If your site is not accepted you’ll receive a canned email that says something like, “Your site violates a Google Adsense policy.” Then you’re expected to read the 50 pages of Google policies to figure out where you’ve gone astray. It’s a truly awful system, but I lay that at Google’s feet — it has nothing to do with Sense Drill.

Sense Drill is truly one of the most valuable training programs I’ve found and the system you learn will increase your earnings.

Check it out here —>> Sense Drill is well worth the price.

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