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I normally won’t waste time reviewing products and services that are a waste of time and money; my time is too valuable for that. I’d rather tell you about products that work and that will help you with your online marketing business, or help you start one. However, with that said, sometimes I come across something that is so bad I feel it incumbent upon myself as a purveyor of honest, useful information to let you know about traps to avoid. So, here’s my advice to AVOID Safe Mail Services ( and all similar scams.

I can’t imagine anyone is making any progress toward building an online business with these guys. I followed the advice of one of the educational products I purchased that recommended this type of advertising as one source of free or inexpensive traffic and registered for many safe mail accounts. I used them for a few months and report here my results.


Yes that’s 0, zero, nada, goose egg, none, no results. Oh sure, I’ve placed hundreds of ads in emails that have been distribute to hundreds of thousands of in-boxes. I assumed results would be minimal, but I also figured that out of hundreds of thousands of emails I’d get some kind of response to at least some of the beneficial products I promote.


I even invested in an annual membership with (That’s exactly like saying I “invested” in a lottery ticket.) For my $40 annual membership I get to send 10,000 emails a day to their members.

First you have to understand that safe mail services in general are email services that people register for so they can send email to other members, and all agree to an opt-in arrangement so that the email is not spam. Everyone who registers for one of these services has something to promote, so we are all promoting to other members whose only reason for being there is to promote their product or service. Typically, for a free account, you have to click on a certain number of emails sent to you each day to earn points. You may then exchange those points for the ability to send your email or have your display or banner ad shown on the producer’s web site.

You can probably see the problem here; everyone’s a seller–there are no buyers. All members know this, but the theory is that someone will see something of interest and actually follow a link and make a purchase. Sadly, that is a rare, rare, rare occurrence.

Even the paid memberships are a bust. A paid account gives you the ability to send emails without having to spend an hour a day clicking other email links to accumulate points. Still, that doesn’t give you any better response.

My particular complaints with, other than the fact that it results in 0 sales, are:

With the “silver” subscription they say you can send 10,000 emails daily. (They actually advertise 300,000 per month — sounds great, no?) What is not clear is that they also have a restriction of sending 1 (one) broadcast per day. So, although they say you can send 10,000 emails a day (with the “Silver” membership) you cannot separate this into multiple subjects. I found this out by sending an email to 2,000 recipients, then receiving a response saying I had successfully sent my day’s emails. I couldn’t send the rest of my quota which should have been another 8,000. As if this weren’t insult enough, the following day I was only allowed to send my balance of 18,000 emails I should have been allowed, or even the 10,000 of my daily quota. I had to wait until the following day to be allowed to send 10,000.

Okay, so maybe now that I knew that rule I could at least arrange a campaign of emails, set it up, sending one subject per day and go about my business.

Nope. They have no function to set up future email. Sure, you can send 10,000 per day, but you have to log in daily to manually create a broadcast. No vacations allowed.

And worse, your “daily” quota is actually a “24-hour period” quota. Say you log in at noon today to create and send your email. Tomorrow, you can’t send another email until noon. What if you’re busy and can’t log in until 9:00 PM? That means the following day you can’t send another email until 9:00 PM. So the next day is Saturday and you’re at a barbecue with friends and can’t log in until you get home at 1:00 AM Sunday. You’ve lost a day’s emails. And they don’t accumulate — you get a max of 10,000 per day, regardless of how many you may have sent yesterday. (In fact, as I mentioned above, if you were to send less than your daily allotment, you would only be able to send the balance the following day.) So then you can’t send another email until 1:00 AM Monday.

And then there’s the error messages. I can understand that there are words that can’t appear in emails. But c’mon, job? I had an email prepared that had the sentence, “Some people live where they want to live —┬ánot where they have to live because that’s where the job is.” That generated an error message telling me “There is a word(s) that is not allowed in SafeMail emails.” No other explanation. I couldn’t send the email. If you’ve done any elementary programming you’ll know that letting the user know what the offending word is would be an extremely simple bit of coding. Yet, there is no further explanation. There might be a list of disallowed words on their web site, but I sure couldn’t find it. I had to submit a ticket and wait days for someone to respond and tell me that the word “job” is not allowed.

Speaking of service, early in my usage I had a problem with not being able to input emails. Through some trouble shooting I determined that the problem lay with a setting in my PC, but I couldn’t determine what the exact setting was. I tried to get help from their service people several times, but they would only tell me that their system was working fine and the problem was on my end. They wouldn’t even attempt to help me find the offending setting. I was only able to resolve the issue by flattening my PC and rebuilding it. (I did that for other reasons, but it solved the problem.)

So there you go. I have purchased emails from professional copywriters and have taken a course in copywriting for advertising. I don’t believe the problem is with my copy. But here’s a sample of my results over several days with various affiliate products:

Sent Open Click Sales
10,000 380 150 0
10,000 431 184 0
10,000 325 134 0
10,000 405 147 0
10,000 269 90 0
10,000 298 125 0
10,000 195 54 0
10,000 191 174 0

Obviously mails are being delivered, people are clicking, but they’re only doing so to earn points so they can continue sending their emails.

What a waste of time.


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