Review – Retargeting, from Viking Publishing

If you’re an online marketer, knowing all about retargeting is absolutely vital. If you’re not already an expert in all manner of this powerful tool, this book is for you.

What is it?

This multi-media education course from Viking Publishers begins by telling the reader why retargeting is so important to use, then quickly reviews the various retargeting methods available to the internet marketer: site, dynamic, social, search SEO, and email.

While a lot of people know about and use one method of retargeting, knowing and using all the others can up your marketing results by orders of magnitude. This training course gives invaluable information to allow you to do just this.

How is Retargeting Used?

Through a series of retargeting scenarios, the book leads the reader through examples of situations that many have experienced or have been the lead character themselves. You’ll learn how these situations can be turned around to turn a lost opportunity into a sale.

Have you already used Facebook or Google advertising? If you have, then taking advantage of retargeting will be a simple and powerful addition to your next ad.

Available Tools

So this is all well and good, but without the tools to implement a retargeting strategy, it’s all for naught. What good would a book on retargeting be without information on the tools you can use to implement the strategy?

You’ll be given the information you need to move forward with several tools easily and quickly available to the online marketer so you can implement retargeting and begin to earn the sales and commissions you deserve.

Before learning the information presented in this course I knew of ClickMagic but I’d never heard of AdRoll or PerfectAudience. Once you start learning the finer points of Retargeting you’ll find others

Multi-Media Presentation

As with all the Viking courses, this training module comes in a multi-media format, which means you can watch the video, read the eBook, or listen to the audio files as you drive or do other things. I find this to be a valuable delivery method of all training, as by taking advantage of all three methods I can practically memorize the information after the visual, audio, and reading experience. The audio and video are both high-quality and spoken in a clear voice. I only mention this because I have purchased other products that were produced by obvious amateurs and were of such low quality that they were virtually useless. Viking products are of the highest quality. This review, for one, appreciates that.

While I would like to have had a bit more detail, I found this course to be valuable in giving me the information I needed to get started. Then I was able to research specific questions with the information I had. When you ask the right questions, you get the information you need. When you learn the basics of a topic you’re much better equipped to be able to ask those questions. This is where an introductory course is so valuable when beginning something new.

I recommend you add this title to your business library if you’re not already making the most of this useful and profitable tool.

Retargeting doesn’t work if you have no social media or email presence. Other great books on getting started with these marketing methods are linked below.

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