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Pinterest Marketing? Really? Are you kidding?

No, I’m not kidding.


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Why Pinterest?

Pinterest has 150 million active users. Seventy million of those are in the US. Eighty-seven percent of those say purchase a product or service after seeing a pin and 93% use Pinterest with a purchase as a primary goal. You say you sell off-line? Seventy-two percent of users say they use this social network site for off-line purchase decisions as well. And unlike Facebook and Twitter where your post’s peak engagement is rarely more than 5 days (or a few hours) Pins can continue to show up in search results indefinitely. Pinterest Marketing should be a major component of your online strategy.

If you’re not already using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy there’s probably one reason: You don’t understand how to make use of it. Pinterest is all about generating instant access to products and ideas based on engaging, visual imagery and informative Pins regarding any and every area of interest. In using Pinterest, your goal is not to say, “Here I am!” or Here’s what I have for sale!” Rather, you want to post a graphic or image with a relevant comment regarding the post to provide useful information.

Our Review

This guide to marketing with Pinterest from Viking Publishers will show you how to make the most of this powerful social networking platform. You’ll start with a section on developing marketing goals. This is not specific to Pinterest; this is general information you can use for any marketing strategy. If you want to separate yourself from the vast majority of “wannabe” online marketers, you’ll first spend some time and mental energy defining your goals. You’ll state them in a way that can be quantified, that can be measured. They’ll also be realistic and attainable in a specific timeframe. Pinterest Marketing will lead you toward defining useful goals so your marketing efforts won’t be wasted. Your primary goal may be to drive traffic to your web site. It may be to increase your social following or brand awareness. Maybe you need to create or repair public relations. Or you may want to create a huge passive internet presence, a benefit that has wider appeal and greater utility than you may think. Whatever your goal, if it’s possible with Pinterest, this guide will help you define and pursue the objective. 

Pinterest is a great tool for your online marketing efforts

If you’re just starting your business or going down a new path, Pinterest can also be an excellent place to learn more about your audience and your market. There are several ways to use Pinterest to do this, and Pinterest Marketing will show you how. 

If you’re not already using Pinterest, you’ll want to learn how to get started. That’s what this guide was written for!

Getting Started

Start with a good profile. Pinterest Marketing gives you excellent tips on what and what not to include in your Pinterest profile. Next, the author tells you how to develop your unique Pinterest strategy. I really appreciated that this book says explicitly you can’t just pre-schedule the exact same posts to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media site. I personally have fallen prey to the lure of creating a single post and using a “miracle product” to automate posting the same content to all my social media accounts. (Even worse are the products that automatically post responses to others’ posts in Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m glad I can say I’ve never used one of those, but I have deleted thousands of comments on my sites that have come from them. Nothing will make you look more the fool than auto comment posting.) But I digress. Where I was going with this was to say each social media site is utilized for different purposes—your content and strategy when posting to them must reflect your purpose and be in accordance with the site’s purpose.

Getting Into More Detail…

This guide will show you how to set up all your pins, including rich pins and promoted pins. If you don’t know what these are now, you will after going through this audio/video/PDF course.  

Finally, this guide will lead you through content ideas and best practices. You’ll learn about repinning, the add and save functions, quote cards and more. There is a discussion of infographics and how to create visually engaging content, two of Pinterest’s strongest suits. You’ll receive specific information on the best sizes for profile photos, board cover images, thumbnails, and other image types. This is important to know up front so your pins don’t appear amateurish. 


Pinterest success, as with all social media marketing, will not occur overnight. With steady activity and engagement your organic marketing will begin to drive quality leads to your website and sales funnel. 

If you’re not already using Pinterest, I highly recommend downloading this multi-media course and getting started!

For more in-depth training and to build on the material in Pinterest Marketing, we recommend Viking Internet Marketing and Viking Email Marketing.

Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Marketing Multi-Media Pack from Viking Publishing

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