Review – List Building

I’ll have to say right off that this course should be entitled, “List Building with Video.” The introduction states, “This is a special list building strategy designed to accomplish two things: 1) get a list building apparatus set up within one hour and 2) achieve high opt-in rates.” I don’t doubt the second goal, and while it seems reasonable to expect some success from the course, I don’t realistically see it happening in an hour. This is not to disparage the material–I just think you’ll spend more than an hour getting it going after reading and viewing the material. 

Why Video?

They state, quite rightly in my opinion, that “[p]eople have developed ‘banner blindness’ when it comes to eBooks, Free Reports, PDFs, etc.” There are so many offers out there that people are more inclined to simply ignore a banner ad or email that offers a freebie than take the time to pursue it. Online marketers, who always need to be list building, are always on the lookout for something new and effective.

Enter video production. My personal preference is for a text I can scan and make sense of in less than a minute. My days are pretty full and I don’t really care to watch even a five-minute video when I can get the gist of  a text in thirty seconds. With that said, I acknowledge that I am in a minority and video is indeed a very popular marketing medium. The course states in the intro, “when we’ve sent traffic to opt-in pages where we were offering free access to video courses, we saw opt-in rates as high as 78%! ” If that’s the case, then I certainly wouldn’t dismiss this information out of hand. In fact, I’ll immediately start laying out my video marketing plan.

What’s in This List-Building Course?

The first chapter explains the various video content options. The author discusses how to either make or acquire video content to use as a lead magnet for list building.

Chapter 2 shows you how to make a 3-D eCover graphic of your video content for your squeeze page.

In chapter 3 the course shows you how to quickly and easily design a simple, minimalist squeeze page geared towards maximizing conversions.

And finally, Chapter 4 covers several free and paid traffic methods. Then, as with all the courses from Viking, you’ll have a “battle plan” for getting up to speed quickly and implementing what you’ve learned.

List-Building: A Little More Detail

You’ll be shown the three methods of creating video content:

  • talking head
  • slide presentation
  • screencast

The course gives you some good starting suggestions on where to find the tools you’ll need to begin creating high-quality, effective video content. There are also links to services where you can create professional-looking covers for your video, eBook, or other products. (I assume you want to build a list because you have something for sale.) The author includes instructions for creating your eBook cover with the suggested tool. Easy!

Next the authors show you how to create a simple and effective squeeze page for your offer. And, of course, they give you a link to an easy tool to do this. They recommend Instapage, which I have used and like, but I prefer a plugin for WordPress, Instabuilder 2.0. (They do seem to like the prefix, “Insta.”) Choose either and you’ll be able to use the straighforward directions for creating a simple, yet effective landing/squeeze page.

List-Building: Acquiring Traffic

No course on list building would be complete without instruction in acquiring traffic. List Building from Viking provides some very effective suggestions for generating traffic. Forum signatures and Youtube marketing are the primary free methods. Following this, there is a discussion of solo ads. I, personally, have not had great success with solo ads, but my experience is obviously not representative since there continue to be many options for this marketing technique. All I can say is, try it for yourself and see if it works for you. Paid solo ads can run the gamut in cost from tens to hundreds of dollars–ten cents to well over a dollar per click. 

Following all this information is a concise “battle plan” you can use to get started. This course is not a “one-stop shop” for everything you need to know for list building through video marketing, but it is a very valuable piece of the online marketing puzzle. I suggest the serious marketer also delve into the specifics of e-mail marketing and retargeting, both available in concise audio/video/eBook courses from Viking. I also recommend studying The Complete Mailing List Toolkit by Barb Drozdowich. (The link goes to my review so you can decide whether this book is something you want to invest in now. )


I recommend this course if you’re not already using video for your online marketing efforts. You’ll want to dive into more detail as you learn the ropes, but this course gives you the information you need to get started. Following, you’ll know what you need more information about so you can target your education. 

Here’s to your success!