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Do you suppose it might be possible to find an honest review of an online (affiliate) marketing program that is simply a straight-forward review and information source you can check out before purchase? I, personally, am sick to death of “reviews” that are nothing more than some affiliate marketer’s landing page. This review of Michael Cheney’s High Ticket Cash Machines is my honest assessment of the product after having purchased, studied, and used it.

I can understand other reviewers’ motives; I too market and want to sell products to help online marketers achieve their objectives. And of course, if I find a product that I believe has value and high quality I would like to market it and receive commissions for my work. I am, if nothing else, an unapologetic capitalist and salesman.

By the same token, if I find a product I believe to be a waste of money and time, I’ll tell you about that also. I will not, however, provide links to the product or encourage its purchase. It should not take much effort to realize that reviews of those products, taking time from my business and other pursuits of life, are going to be few and far between. Naturally, the vast majority of products I review will be positive and I will encourage you to purchase them if their purpose is what you need for your particular circumstances.

My Review of High Ticket Cash Machines by Michael Cheney

With that as introduction, I invite you to read my review of High ticket Cash Machines. This High Ticket Cash Machinesisn’t a landing page. I don’t have lots of white space and leading sentences. This is an informational article to give you the information you need in order to make an intelligent decision on whether you want to make an investment in this product. If you’re not already in the affiliate marketing business, check out one of my other articles here.

High Ticket Cash Machines – How to Sell High Ticket Products is a done-for-you (DFY) marketing program that gives you access to a suite of products from Michael Cheney. You not only become an approved affiliate marketer of this product, but several other high-quality programs from Mr. Cheney. As this is a DFY product, you have access to Mr. Cheney’s entertaining email texts so you don’t even have to be concerned with writing engaging ad copy.

When you purchase High Ticket Cash Machines by Michael Cheney you’ll first get access to this page.

High Ticket Cash Machines Home PageThis is the Dashboard, giving you access to training and some other bonus products you can use for content creation and additional training and support.

The value to this product is not only that you get access to marketing rights to a suite of high-quality products, but you receive an extensive series of training videos, including recordings of seminars that people have paid thousands to attend. The training is well-paced, informative, and created with high production values. If you’ve purchased other products and sat through their “training” videos, you’ll appreciate the quality of Mr. Cheney’s. He’s obviously been doing this a while and has perfected his presentation skills.

What You’ll Receive

In the Product Selection training you’ll learn How to choose affiliate products and the best networks, How to choose CPA offers and best CPA networks, and How to choose high paying Affiliate and CPA offers. Mr. Cheney also includes a “Rolodex” of high-paying affiliate offers to choose from.High Ticket Cash Machines Rolodex

Under the Lead Capture tab you’ll receive extensive training in How to set up a landing page, templates to help you set up your ad copy that work in any niche, and landing page analytics and optimization, including tracking and split testing to ensure optimal opt in rate.

The Research and Traffic tab offers a wealth of information you could easily pay thousands for and spend a year researching on your own. This section is so extensive I can only provide bullet points in this review. I have to repeat, though, that all training materials and videos are of the highest production quality and well worth your time to watch more than once to digest fully.

  • Competitor traffic Analytics – How to analyze your competitors’ traffic and advertising,
  • Audience research – How to research your audience demographics and behaviors,
  • PPC basics – Pay per Click basics including key word research,
  • Bing PPC ads set up – Bing Pay Per Click Ads Set Up including tips and research,
  • Facebook traffic – How to get Facebook traffic both free and paid,
  • Facebook audience insights – Advanced training on how to use Facebook Audience Insights,
  • Video traffic – How to get traffic via video,
  • Solo ads,
  • CPV – How to get Cost per View traffic,
  • Media Ads – How to get traffic via banner ads across the web,
  • Mobile traffic – How to get traffic from mobile device users,
  • SEO and Keyword research – How to get free organic website traffic using Search Engine Optimization and associated keyword research,
  • Article Marketing – How to get traffic from publishing articles,
  • Other traffic sources – how to tap into 6 underground traffic sources,
  • Retargeting – How to follow your visitors all around the web using this ultra-cheap, high converting traffic source.

And that’s just one module of training. You should plan on spending the better part of an entire week studying the material you’ll receive with this product. In fact, the greatest value of High ticket Cash Machines is not just the affiliate access to his products, but the wealth of information you’ll get in the training. You can follow up and educate yourself in any of the topics above, but you could certainly take only what you get from the training videos and build a successful online marketing business.

In addition, you’ll have excellent support from Mr. Cheney’s team in addition to an extensive knowledge base of FAQ’s and other tips.

Any Complaints?

Nothing is perfect. As a DFY product, your only task is to generate traffic of people who are interested in what Mr. Cheney has to offer. And that brings me to the only downside of this program.

You want to build your own list of people who are interested in online marketing, but if you send them directly to High Ticket Cash Machines, Mr. Cheney gets their email address – you don’t. True, he will then market to the people you send him and you will get commissions from their purchases – immediate and future. But you won’t have their email addresses for your own follow-on marketing. This is fine if you don’t care to market products other than his. Mr. Cheney is an expert in online marketing, so if you send good prospects to his site you will earn commissions.

If you have an email auto-responder you can set up a landing page to capture the prospect’s email address, give them more information, and then offer the prospect the ability to click to Mr. Cheney’s landing page. But the prospect will have to again enter an email address to gain access to a sales page. In my humble opinion, that might turn off some people.

On the other hand, this might also weed out the ones who are not really serious about finding out what’s on the other side. After all, you’re not interested in sending traffic to his site; you want to send high-quality traffic, people who are willing and ready to buy. I’ll gladly exchange one hundred non-purchasers for one purchaser. Wouldn’t you?

My Recommendation for High Ticket Cash Machines

High Ticket Cash Machine is one of Michael Cheney’s products you will find through the Commissionology suite of products, which I will also recommend in a future review. As you might gather, I am a fan of Mr. Cheney’s products; I appreciate their quality and the obvious time and thought he puts into their creation and his training programs. I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve seen a lot of poor quality. You will not have this experience from any of Michael Cheney’s products and training programs.

I highly recommend High Ticket Cash Machines, which you can find through this link to Commissionology. (I’ll be reviewing Commissionology in another article.)

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