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Here’s the plain and simple fact about Facebook for Internet marketers who want to earn a fortune in online marketing:

If you’re not utilizing Facebook, you’re missing out on a tremendous marketing channel. 

Yeah, I know, you don’t like that Facebook has taken over the social media swamp. Whether you like it or not has no bearing on whether you should use it.

You want to make money?

Use Facebook.

It’s that simple. Really.

Facebook Fortune is one of the suite of volumes on Facebook that you need to read, digest, learn, and live if you want to make a success of your online marketing efforts.

Here’s a synopsis of what you’ll find in this invaluable eBook:

  • Network Marketing Facebook Basics
  • Use A Great Profile And Appropriate Picture
  • Add Friends With Like Interests
  • Use Photo Albums And Videos
  • Learn How To Use Fan Pages
  • Learn How To Use Events
  • Use Exclusive Landing Pages
  • Reward Loyal Supporters
  • Learn About Facebook Marketplace And Plugins

Like you, probably, I had a Facebook page and profile, but I had no idea of the extent of possibilities available to me for marketing my business.

Until I purchased this course, watched the videos, and read the book.

Facebook Basics

Even the first chapter, Facebook Basics, revealed to me some useful things I never knew, like positioning my business platform and staying in touch with my viewers to give my site the exposure it needed.

What about your profile? Is it appropriate to your audience and your purpose? Facebook Fortune goes into the ins and outs of creating your profile and making it relevant to your purposes. Facebook Fortune goes into the details, such as your profile picture. Seriously, I’d Neve considered something that fundamental, but after reading this eBook I realized how important my photo was.

Truth to tell, I’m an old fart. I had no idea how to add “friends,” or whom to add. (See, I’m such an old fart I even know how to use ‘whom.’) This eBook and video course will teach you how to go about adding friends to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Photo albums and videos? Yeah, you have to use these. People want to see stuff; they don’t want to read. Back when I was adjusting to society, I read to learn. Now, it seems people want to look at pictures and videos. If you want your online business to achieve any kind of success, you need to understand visual communication.

In Facebook Fortune you’ll find information on why you should have a fan page and how to set one up. The book goes into Events and how to create them, but also gives you the downside and why you might not want to spend time on this part of Facebook. You’ll find information on the use of landing pages, generating loyalty rewards, and using plugins.

Should you be using Facebook?


And Facebook Fortune will give you much of the basic information you need in order to get the most out of this Social Network site. Then, with this as a starter, you can pursue these subjects in more detail as you evaluate them for your needs and determine where your time and energy is best spent.

I enjoyed being able to listen to the book as I drove or performed other tasks. If you’re more off a visual learner, the videos are an excellent way to get the information, then you can read the eBook to review and underline topics for later follow up.


Overall, I found this course to be well worth the small price. I’d recommend it to anyone starting out in Online Marketing. You can check out a sample video and read more here.

Also see Viking Facebook Marketing and Viking Facebook Advertising for more specific information on these subjects.

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