I guarantee return of up to 10 corrected pages within forty-eight hours of receipt, Monday through Friday. For example, if I receive your documents through email at 3:00 PM PST on a Monday I will return them to you time stamped before 3:00 PM PST on the following Wednesday. Documents received at 3:00 PM Friday will be completed and returned to you by Tuesday at the same time.

  • Minimum fee per job: 10 €
  • Minimum fee per page: 2 €
  • Per word of text: .02 €

All fees are in Euros or your local currency equivalent calculated at the exchange rate on the day of order. (For exchange rates see XE.com.) Word count for HTML is for display text only; HTML code is not included in the word count. Page count is determined by unique URL.

For example, Index.html, About.html, Contact.html are counted as three pages. The minimum fee for three pages is 6 €, but the minimum per job is 10 €. If the word count did not exceed 500, the fee for correcting those three pages would be 10 €. The fee for over 500 words, regardless of page count, would be calculated at .02 € per word.

VAT and all other taxes are included in the pricing.

Payments can be made through PayPal or direct transfer between bank accounts.

For document length of greater than 10 pages, and for books, theses, manuscripts, etc. please contact me for more information on the length of time I will require for editing and correction. For manuscripts of over 40,000 words special pricing will apply (less than .02 € per word.) Contact me for a quote.

Manuscript editing includes:

  • Correcting faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Correcting incorrect usage (such as can for may)
  • Checking specific cross-references (for example, “As Table 14-6 shows…”)
  • Ensuring consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization
  • Checking for proper sequencing (such as alphabetical order) in lists and other displayed material
  • Recording the first references to figures, tables, and other display elements


Editing Services