Okay, So I’m a Racist

Let’s set the scene: I can trace my ancestry to Medieval¬†England and Spain. My lineage goes back to royalty (as does that of countless millions of others, ho-hum), so I have readily available information to allow me to trace my genealogy¬†through Europe for many centuries. Prior to that, my ancestors were from the Middle East, the Fertile Crescent. But for all intents and purposes, I’m of European descent. Therefore, I’m a white guy.

Also therefore, in today’s parlance, I am a racist.

Do I believe white/Caucasian people are in any way, as a population, superior to others, to “people of color?” No.

Do I believe I, in particular, am superior to people of other “colors?” No.

Do I believe that people of colors other than white should be forced to sit in the back of the bus? Should be denied fundamental human rights? Should be treated any differently from white people? No.

Yet, by today’s definition, I am a racist. For no other reason than the pigment of my skin and my ancestry, I am judged to be a racist. Supposedly, I benefit from “white privilege;” I am absolutely unable to understand the plight of “people of color” in “white” society. I am blinded by my “whiteness” and no amount of mea culpas or shame can ever, ever compensate for the collective guilt of my ancestors and myself. As a fish doesn’t know its wet, I am unable to comprehend my inherent privilege and racism. Not only am I unable to comprehend these vile things, but more importantly, I am unable to do anything that might mitigate my gross behavior towards people of other colors. If I appear too nice, that is evidence of my racism. If I am not nice enough, that is evidence of my racism. If I try to avoid people of other colors so that I don’t have to be concerned with being too nice or not nice enough, that is evidence of my racism.

For white people, there is no winning hand in this particular game. According to the current mode of thinking, the economic and social scales in Western society (that term itself I have recently discovered to be racist) will be tipped in my favor until all white people are wiped from the face of the Earth.

Hyperbole? I wish it were. The evidence of the desire of certain leaders of social discourse to eliminate white people from Earth is on the Internet for any and all to see. (Examples, see here and here.) People who cry out for the murder of white people, for the elimination of “white culture” are easy to find. As opposed to micro-aggressions white people are constantly accused of, the macro-aggressive call to eliminate white people is not only allowed but celebrated. 

If I admitted that I was a pedophile, I could be forgiven. After all, sexual taboos are just social constructs. Even if I admitted that I prefer to have sex with my dog, that would be okay. Even if I said my dog was a male (as am I, according to the ancient definition), I’d be given a pass. Today mothers can dress their ten-year-old sons in women’s clothing and parade them before the world in drag queen contests. They are celebrated as modern, liberal parents. The Man-Boy Love Society is gaining popularity and acceptance. In gay pride parades you’ll see mostly nude masters leading their gimps wearing nothing but leather g-strings by chains attached to spiked collars. This is counted in liberal society as nothing more than celebrating diversity..

The only unforgivable sin in today’s society is racism, and no matter what a white person does, he or she cannot escape the label of racist because racism is, for all practical purposes, defined by nothing more than being white. (“Racism comes out of our pores as white people. It’s the way that we are.”) If a person of color other than white desires to live and work only with people of his or her color, that is perfectly acceptable. If a person of color other than white calls for the elimination of all white people, that is also perfectly acceptable. If a person of color other than white claims that all white people are psychically and spiritually damaged and should be rounded up and gassed en masse, even that is perfectly acceptable. You can even be employed by the New York Times and spout hatred with the hash tag, #CancelWhitePeople” and complain about “white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.” Again, this is acceptable because it is written by a person of color other than white who, by definition, cannot be racist.

The one grave, unacceptable, unforgivable sin in today’s world is to be white. We are racist scum and must be eliminated. 

Let’s say someone has a blog site with a masthead that says “Pinoy Pride!” No problem. 

How about a blog site with a masthead that says”Black Pride!” Again, no problem there.

Someone unfurls a banner at a sporting event that says “Asian Pride!” There would be no backlash.

“La Raza!” (The Race, a group to promote the interests of Hispanic people) is, again, perfectly acceptable.

But if a few guys display a banner at a cricket match that says, “It’s OK to be white,” (not white pride, not white power, it’s just “OK”) they are ushered out of the stadium and invited never to return. They are pilloried on the web. They are decried as racists.

The fact is, in today’s world, the ultimate, unforgivable sin is to be white. We white people are all racists. More, in today’s world, no matter what we do or what we think, we cannot avoid being racist. Not only are we racists, but we are the only group of people who CAN be racist. The word has been redefined so that no one else, no matter their beliefs, can be defined as such. Admirable is a black person wanting to promote issues of particular interest to black people. Honorable is a Hispanic person who promotes interests that benefit Hispanics. Native Americans, First Nation, and Asians can all be proud of their ancestry. 

But white people — Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Copernicus, Aristotle, Locke, Hobbes, Jefferson, Madison, Tolstoy, St. Augustine, Justinian, et al. — they are all to be denigrated and swept into the dustbin of history as so much detritus. Why? Only because they were white. If not for them and their pigmentally-challenged kin, Wakanda could have been a reality.

Well, count me a skeptic. White people were the first to call for the abolition of slavery. White people developed the philosophy that each individual has certain, inalienable rights, among which were the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The descendants of Greece, Rome, and the (present day) European civilizations have given us the liberal attitudes that allow people of other cultures (colors) to not only thrive but prosper in today’s Western Society. White people were responsible for the Equal Opportunity Act, unique in legislation at the time anywhere in the world.

I will never apologize for being white, notwithstanding the denigration heaped upon me and my ancestry by Social Justice Warriors. I cannot alter the current definition of racism, so I will embrace it. History is replete with groups who have embraced pejorative labels: Yankees and Know-Nothings in American history and more recently the adoption of the pejorative “fag” by homosexuals and “nigger” by black people. People who were denigrated by those labels assumed them and made them their own property, changing the labels into proud definitions of identity as a way to flip the bird to the rest of the world.

So I make a humble suggestion: we white people assume the label racist and create a new, positive identity from it. 

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