A New Balfour Declaration

Throughout their history, Jews have been expelled from 109 locations (not all can be counted as states or countries in the modern sense). For whatever reasons, they have been hated, despised, and vilified throughout their long history. Though peaceful and generally beneficial to the societies they inhabited—having developed methods of banking and finance to enhance the free flow of capital, having developed health and scientific advances that have saved the lives of billions, and having developed much of the philosophy that has shaped the Western world among many other benefits to mankind—they have been cast out of society after society virtually worldwide. 

According to Jewish tradition, they had a homeland at one time, achieved by conquest, but were militarily defeated by Rome in 63 AD and cast to the wind, dispersed over the face of the Earth and compelled to live in diaspora for almost two thousand years. They lived among other peoples but were never truly a part of those societies. Their unique culture and beliefs kept them separate, as did their tenacious desire to maintain their identity as a people, strongly discouraging intermarriage and thereby strictly limiting interbreeding with those of other cultures.

They were finally restored to their ancestral homeland in 1948 through a lengthy political process initiated, for all practical purposes, by the Balfour Declaration. This, rightly or wrongly, gave the Jewish people a small section of land that had historically been called Israel, but at the time was known as Palestine. This region was under the control of the Ottoman Empire, with which Great Britan was at war. Should Britain win said war and thus control Palestine, a part would be granted to the Jewish people as a sovereign state. The outcome of WW I is well-known. Since the re-establishment of Israel, the Jewish people have been free to govern this land as they see fit and as conforms to their religious and moral beliefs. 

The Balfour Declaration

His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

from a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild

This brings us to the present. At one time, those who are considered White had a homeland. This land wasn’t given to us, but achieved by conquest as is virtually every land occupied by humans throughout the previous six millennia. Sadly, over the last several decades, we White people have allowed others of different cultures to share our land. We have not only allowed, but have invited them and provided these immigrants with vast amounts of assistance, mostly but not limited to significant financial assistance. Justified through the philosophy of individualism that Whites developed throughout our history, but primarily during the Age of Enlightenment, we have allowed people of other cultures who have immigrated to our land to maintain their languages, beliefs, and ways of life. We even went so far as to celebrate their cultures. Sadly, we did not realize that those others, the immigrants, did not share our sense of fairness, sharing, and convivencia. When cultures clashed, as they invariably would, these immigrants from other cultures, “the people of color,” began demanding we White people sublimate our culture in favor of theirs.

White people developed a habit of tolerance based on the fact that our culture included a strong sense of self-reliance, hard work, and fair play. We discovered much too late and much to our chagrin that some other cultures, some of which have established a significant presence among us, had developed a habit of reliance on others whenever possible, a philosophy of working no harder than absolutely necessary and taking advantage of everyone and everything to their maximum benefit. Our social welfare programs functioned as long as those programs were limited to a small number of people who were in temporary need or for physical or mental reasons had no ability to support themselves. Those programs were viable as long as the recipients shared White, or European values.

Our ability to help others who do not share our cultural values has reached its limit. Further, we have reached the end of our ability to accept those whose moral values have pushed us further than we can tolerate. Our language, when used at all, has been misused and abused to the extent that words long understood to mean one thing have been redefined to mean something entirely different and can be changed at the whim of social justice warriors, the intelligentsia, and the political class. This is when our language, English, is used at all. Tolerance of others now means tolerance of only those who are not White. Freedom of speech and thought now means freedom of speech and thought only insofar as it comports with social justice warriors, the intelligentsia, and the political class who hold unlimited enmity against Whites. We White people, those of us who count our ancestry from Europe, are being marginalized and forced from our own ancestral land. There is no path of compromise available to us and certainly no compromise is being offered by the other side. We have reached a point of irreconcilable differences where the only option available to us, if we are to survive as a culture, is separation.

The challenge we face is equal to that which Jews faced prior to 1948: there is no landmass available to us. We require a new “Balfour Declaration.” Short of this, we will have to claim and fight for a landmass as ours.

The New Balfour Declaration

The governments of the states worldwide view with favour the establishment in [to be decided] of a national home for White people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the rights and political status enjoyed by Whites in any other country.

Quite simply, we need lebensraum. That word will raise the ire and violent hatred of millions of people, but that is precisely why we need our own space. For those of us who are reasonable, those of us who are not “triggered” into psychoses of anger by words and images understand exactly what this means. This is a simple statement that there are well over one hundred million persons who cannot and will not live among the chattering, multicultural, fragile, emotionally immature, intellectually stunted, illogical, “progressive” destroyers of our culture. At every turn we are hated, despised, and vilified. Though we have brought great advances to the inhabitants of the world, we are defamed, denigrated, and denounced. In fact, our extermination has been called for in public spheres. The social justice warriors, the intelligentsia, and the political class have supported this with acquiescence or silence.

We Whites absolutely have to have our own homeland where we can govern as we see fit and as conforms to our religious and moral beliefs, free from the constant pressure to conform to a world gone mad. We know we cannot change others, but most others have not yet figured out that they cannot change us. Those who know we cannot be changed quite literally call for our genocide. 

We went along with the liberal program for a few generations, but we have reached the tipping point. Males competing in female sporting competitions, acceptance of pedophilia and the public celebration of aberrant sexual behavior, not only among adults but by children, the vilification of peaceful Christianity while violent Islamists are given a pass (while the intelligentsia tries to convince the world, against all evidence to the contrary, that Islam is really a religion of peace), ignoring science and reason in favor of pure emotion. All this and more has pushed White traditionalists to the point of history where our own homeland is not only a desire but an absolute requirement. There is a limit to the suffering any rational people can endure before violence ensues. We are frightfully near that point.

White people do not want to rule over others. White people do not want to destroy other cultures. White people only want to be left alone to live as we desire and preserve our proud heritage and culture. In this, we are no different from any other race or culture.

To avoid extreme violence, the only solution is a White homeland.

Where that should be will be the subject of the next article.

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