Musings of a Male of European Descent

I realize this article by Fred Reed is somewhat harsh and makes some points based on generalizations. As with statistical samples, generalizations and stereotypes say absolutely nothing about a single individual, but where and when some truth lies buried in generalizations and stereotypes it shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand, especially when it is directly related to the amount of anger and violence we experience as a matter of course in America today. When truths are borne out by observation time and time again, they have a plaPreparing for the riotce in reasoned discussion of broad, societal issues.

Feeling uncomfortably in agreement with Mr. Reed, I find myself at a point of existential crisis as a white male of European descent in twenty-first century America. (If you’ll pardon the abbreviation for United States of America; I know the name America comprises two continents as well as the countries of Central America. Most readers assume correctly I’m talking about U.S.A.) My discomfort stems from the difficulty of reconciling a healthy, positive sense of self with what is thrust upon me in current American culture as a White Male of European descent. Celebrations of Asian pride, Black pride, Gay pride, Pinoy Pride, La Raza, and other group identities are not only glorified, but attendance at these celebrations has become de rigueur for media coverage, which is necessarily extremely positive, wherever they occur.

But European pride? Why, that’s just a synonym for White Racism. Everyone knows that. Never mind white Europeans, for the most part led by males, built the very foundations of the culture of personal liberty that allows the masses to celebrate their otherness without fear of having their tongues cut out, their noses cut off, or being beheaded in the public square, punishments that still occur in some non-western countries. The peoples of European stock banned slavery in the West while it continued to be practiced throughout much of the rest of the world. More specifically, it was Roman Catholic priests who began the original fight against slavery and oppression of the inhabitants of what they knew as the new world. Christian nations ended slavery centuries before it was banned in virtually every other major civilization (only outlawed in Mauritania in 1981), yet there are multitudes among us who continue to flog themselves with guilt at every opportunity. With all the advances the European culture has brought to the human race, still white European Christians are the only group that not only takes delight in criticizing itself but diligently seeks opportunities to do so in the public square. We relish to no end the shouting of mea culpas for anyone who will listen. European civilization and its Greek and Roman predecessors are responsible for the lion’s share of philosophy, art, science, and technology that brought the western world out of a life of hard labor and early death. But the more we apologize, the more we are lambasted with criticism. To unearth more insults and to find more to criticize in those of European ancestry, the Social Justice Warriors have turned to seeking out micro aggressions; there just aren’t enough real aggressions or insults to complain about these days, so we’re examined under a microscope, seeking out any and every possible word, phrase, or mode of living that could possibly be interpreted by a hyper-sensitive SJW as an insult to someone’s vaunted pride.

Image of police over-reactionWe see now the backlash of decades of political correctness and the onslaught of Social Justice Warriors.  The great unwashed masses, the mundanes in fly-over country, the deplorables are standing up and yelling, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” An American businessman who is rough around the edges (to put it mildly) and is the opposite of a polished political speaker (to put it very mildly), and definitely not a schmoozer with the elites and the Wall Street/D.C. crowd, grabbed the emotions of millions upon millions who have reached the breaking point of feeling guilty and sorry and remorseful and responsible for every ill of the downtrodden protected classes of the country and was elected president due to the sentiment. The limousine liberals, the SJW’s, the poor-me crowd, those who have profited from divisiveness and especially all those who would like to see all of us of European heritage die a natural or not so natural death have sown the wind. Prepare for the whirlwind.

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