I’m So Sorry

Said no athlete ever:

I’m so sorry my team won. 

I’m so sorry we practiced harder.

I’m so sorry my team is composed of better players than the team we beat.

I’m so sorry we didn’t give the other team more chances to beat us.

I’m so sorry we played a more intelligent game than they did.

In fact, I’m so sorry my team is better than theirs that I’m going to give part of my salary to them. After all, if they weren’t less talented, less physically able, and less prepared than we were, they might have won. It isn’t fair that I should profit from their failings. 

Nope. You’ll never hear that. In any contest there are winners and there are losers. Better said, there are those who come in first place and there are those who come in second, third, fourth and so on. That doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with those who didn’t come in first place, it only means that they weren’t as able, weren’t as prepared, or for any number of reasons didn’t quite make the cut. They couldn’t perform at the level that allowed them to take first place. That doesn’t mean that they can’t train harder, learn more, and prepare themselves better for the next contest. Maybe next time.

In this world there are unlimited desires and limited resources to fulfill them. Life is a contest in many ways, one of which is for resources and physical space. Those who are better prepared, more talented, better able to take advantage of their circumstances and resources come out better than others in many ways. 

But there is no reason for those who have succeeded, who have won first place to feel guilty. A strong sense of morality, based in Christian precepts, dictates that those of us who have made the most of our resources over thousands of years refrain from enacting policies that inhibit other peoples from making the most of their resources. Free trade with others worldwide will enable those who have talent, intelligence, and abilities to take advantage of their natural resources, to make the most of them for the people of their families and tribes, for people of their cultures and locations. Africa, for example, has hundreds of millions of acres of fertile land. People who populate that continent have no excuse for not creating a comfortable, wealthy existence in their homelands. Those who live in lands that are not fertile have access to other resources that are in demand the world over. They also have the opportunity and right to develop those resources to create prosperous, healthy, safe societies. 

The question of financial reparations is currently being discussed in the United States Congress. Blacks want Whites to not only pay reparations in the form of dollars, but to continue to grovel at their feet, begging forgiveness daily until the end of the world. They want us to feel somehow unique in the history of mankind for having participated in the worldwide institution of slavery and discrimination that has been part of the human experience since time immemorial. The indisputable fact is that every culture, every civilization, every people throughout history in virtually every country on Earth participated in the practice of slavery. In fact, it was White/European culture that led the charge in deleting slavery from our culture. Others continued to practice it and in fact, still do to this day. 

Every culture discriminates against those who are not part of their culture. They always have and they always will. This is not unique to Europeans. What is unique is that Europeans have made such effort to eliminate official discrimination, that is, discrimination enshrined in the laws of the land. Other cultures around the world have not. 

And for this we are expected to commit cultural suicide. Calling for the elimination of the White race, literally calling for our extermination, is perfectly acceptable in Western culture.

The time for this to stop is now. Stop apologizing for our history. Stop apologizing for having engaged, with every other culture worldwide, in the practice of slavery. Stop apologizing for having come out on top. 

Europeans created a culture we should be proud of. In fact, we created a society and economy that the rest of the world wants to take advantage of without having put in the centuries of work that has resulted in our lifestyle. Should they succeed, all our hard work will be squandered and our land will eventually become exactly like the environments the interlopers fled. For proof one need only take an objective look at South Africa or the “no-go” zones of major Western cities where Third World people have established strongholds.

We should fight to maintain our land. There is more than enough space on the rest of the planet for everyone who hates the White race, those of European descent and the culture we have created. 

We occupy a relatively small part of the planet and we have to let those who hate us know that we are here to stay.

We conquered this land.

We’ll continue to hold it.  

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