For Every Action…

…there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

Everyone knows this, so why do so many people question why there has been a rise in White Nationalist sentiment?

When historians write our history two hundred years from now, this era will be known as the Age of Immigration. They will write how:

The ancient European civilization and the great experiment of the United States gave way to overwhelming immigration from South America, Africa, and so-called western Asia, the region populated mostly by those of the Muslim religio-political mindset. 

Over the course of three millennia, through the traditions of the Greek, Roman, and Norse peoples a great “Western” civilization was created that resulted in the greatest advances in the realms of economics and individual liberty for the greatest number of people the world had ever experienced. 

But the people who created this culture became, for the most part, complacent, self-satisfied, weak, and distracted by “bread and circuses.” They, for the most part, allowed a cadre of power and rent-seekers to assume positions of political and economic leadership. These so-called leaders cared nothing for the culture and society that had been built; they cared only for their own aggrandizement, their own power and wealth. They cared only for their own well-being. These power-hungry rent-seekers saw, correctly, that their power, and therefore their wealth, would be increased by allowing the traditional Norse (White) population to be diluted and infiltrated by people from other parts of the world who had no understanding of the long-standing and hard-won “Rights of Englishmen.” These usurpers of the traditional government structures took advantage of the complacency of the old-world population’s desire for comfort and whatever simple-minded distractions might be presented in the various news and entertainment media, media that the rent-seekers controlled. While most of the population of what used to be Western Civilization were distracted, the wealthy, powerful, rent-seekers formed coalitions of ignorant peoples who desired nothing more than to enjoy the cost-free benefits they were offered by the powerful, and those benefits came at a cost of nothing more difficult to give than a vote at the ballot box. Thus, Western culture and society began a slow but sure death.

It should be noted, however, that as the the march toward cultural death and the annihilation of their hard-won rights seemed imminent, there appeared at first a small but vocal contingent of people who realized their culture was being destroyed and rose up to fight for it. As the pressure from the multi-culturalists increased, the pressure from the opposition increased in direct measure with increasing numbers and vocal and physical force. The minions ignorantly fighting for the destruction of their culture were met by an increasing contingent of people awakened to their potential destruction. 

Here’s where I cannot predict what the future historians will write. Will we, today only a relatively small contingent of active people, awakened to our destruction, rise up forcefully, increase our numbers, and gain sufficient power to staunch the momentum toward our destruction? Will we be able to preserve our culture? Or will we be defeated by the forces of multiculturalism and one-world governance that are intent on destroying us? 

The forces of Social Marxism and multiculturalism are taking control of virtually every outlet of communication available to us. They are vilifying us with propaganda that is unfortunately able to take hold among the majority because of the state-controlled indoctrination system that has been substituted for education for the masses over the previous three generations. Marxists know that whoever controls the education system eventually controls all. They have controlled the education system of the West since the 1960s. The results are plain to see. 

Will we, the remnant of Western Civilization arise like a phoenix and take our countries back? 

Or will we be relegated to the dustbin of history?

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