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I am an expert in English business correspondence with over thirty years’ experience in many roles in American corporations, including business analyst, financial analyst, web application programmer, and project manager with companies such as Boeing, AT&T, IBM, State Farm Insurance, and T-Mobile. I have taught classes in business writing, hold certifications in editing and teaching English as a foreign language, and I hold an MBA from the University of Iowa.

Among many other things, I like language and writing. During those years in corporate America, somehow, I would always get tagged as the person to go to when anyone needed a document or manual written, or if something needed to be proofread or edited.

But I didn’t mind. In fact, I enjoyed it—so much so, that when I had the opportunity to change careers, I jumped at the chance to start my own editing business. To earn credentials in what I’d been doing for the past three decades, I went back to school to take courses in editing and writing.

My first clients were small or non-profit companies and individuals who needed editing for grant applications or scholarly research articles. Because I frequently use the internet and have an interest in traveling, I noticed that almost all web sites from non-English speaking countries that had English translations available had obviously been written by someone who either didn’t speak English as a native, or were simple machine translations. (Never a good option.) Because I had spent a few years as a web application programmer, working with HTML was no problem for me. I decided this was a good place to hang out my shingle.

Now that I’m retired, I might be traveling and experiencing different cultures, which brings me great pleasure. My favorite destination is Andalucia in Spain, where I have now retired to soak up as much flamenco and other facets of Spanish culture as possible.

Or I might be taking a walk–a very long walk! I’ve walked the Camino de Santiago from Montserrat, near Barcelona, to Finisterre on Spain’s Atlantic coast, then from Barcelona to Rome via the Alps of northern France. I’ve recently completed another Camino experience, walking from Almeria on the southeast Spanish Mediterranean coast to Muxia on Spain’s northwest coast. My book, Sauntering to Santiago, about the pilgrimage to Santiago is on Amazon.com in Kindle format and print-on-demand. You may also find it at Smashwords.com. The book about my walk to Rome, Where the Roads Lead, is also available at both sites in all formats. A memoir about my walk from Almeria to Muxia is due to be published before year-end.

I’ve also completed the second of five volumes of a novel,  A Woman for Five Seasons, and a screenplay, The Photograph. Volume three of the A Woman for Five Seasons will be published in 2020 hopefully before mid-year.

Books I’ve edited include Enigma: The Phoenician Anthropoid Sarcophagus: Travelling to the past of northern Phoenicia through its material culture by Bashar Mustafa, PhD., and Letters From Paris by Linnie Southard. (Yeah, okay, so I had an inside track on that job.)

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