A Brave New World

If this is the Brave New World, count me a coward. I’m glad I won’t be around to see the destruction of Western society, if only the coming deluge holds out long enough.

There aren’t enough of us with the courage to stand up and say some things are simply wrong. The Social Justice Warriors will win because we are so afraid to be called sexist, racist, cisist, misogynistic, homophobic, or whatever other -ic, -ist, or -phobic epithet comes next. We are all to believe that anything and everything should be allowed, no matter the consequences to ourselves and society, all so that 1/10 of 1% can feel good about themselves. But what the SJWs insist we throw away is the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of thousands of years of developed civilization. They cry for the jettisoning of all we’ve learned, not only what we call common sense, but even scientific and mathematical knowledge as if that’s only a “social construct” that each generation and society should be able to accept or reject as it wishes.

In ages past some science was incorrect, and some things we today know to be true will be shown to be false in the future. But that doesn’t mean that we throw out the baby with the bathwater. And the SJW’s use “social construct” as if that, by definition, is bad. In fact, there are social constructs surrounding sexual identity that have enabled the human race to sustain itself and develop over the past hundred thousand years. I’m not ready to throw those in the ash heap of history.

With that said, whether one is male or female is not a social construct. There are, in fact, two sexes.

In some cases, people are born with the sexual organs of both sexes. Did you get that? BOTH SEXES. Not all three, four, five, or thirteen. Both. In days past we would call that a birth defect. The person is not defective, any more than someone born without two arms is defective, but he or she (he or she) does have a birth defect. If a person believes himself to be multiple people depending on some unknown trigger in the brain, he has a psychological defect. If someone born with XX chromosomes believes herself to be male, by the same token, she has a psychological defect. She can have sexual relations with any willing partner over the accepted legal age, regardless of that person’s chromosomal makeup. She can wear a suit and tie. She can operate a crane, drive a truck, or volunteer for the Marines and carry a gun in battle. All that notwithstanding, she is a female, graced by XX chromosomes.

However, I accept defeat. There is now an eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not offend anyone, anytime, in any manner. The poor, delicate souls who are offended then have the right to ruin said offender in their business or career, to destroy them financially, to drag them through the courts until they, as if in Mao’s Red China, beat their breast and declare to the world that they are ignorant, antisocial, cowardly fools and beg forgiveness of the greater society¬†they have insulted.

I will now step aside and watch the slow and inevitable ruin of a once-great Western Society as it is swept into the dustbin of history, thankful that I won’t be around to see the ultimate collapse.

But I’ll still write articles. It gives me something to do. And thankfully, I’m not the only sane person left.

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