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Review: Traffic Victory

You Need Traffic Victory for Your Internet Marketing Business

As with all my IM reviews, this is not just a sales pitch for Traffic Victory. I don't use a lot of incomplete sentences of bad grammar (that was a shameless plug for my editing services). I don't use a lot of white space and eye-catching fonts with colorful text and multiple “calls to action.”

This is an honest review. I'll tell you right up front that I've purchased and used Traffic Victory.

It's worth every penny.

Traffic victory header
Traffic Victory

The basic product, which you can purchase for an extremely reasonable price, is a series of videos and PDFs that get you up to speed, starting from zero (no web, never made a dime in Internet marketing) and taking you through everything you'll need to know to run an income producing Internet machine. The basic topic is SEO — you'll get Marc Gray's expert advice on how to maximize your site so it can be found by search engines. This is how you get free traffic from people who are actively searching for what you have to offer.

This isn't just an SEO primer. Marc's course contains information and advice you won't get in SEO books or other online sources. Some people know every trick in the book; Marc knows tricks that aren't in the book — tips and tricks based on years of experience and success.

The course contains several hours of videos as well as printed materials. If you choose, you can also purchase a DFY program so that you hardly have to do any work. This review covers the main product. I list here some of the primary content, but this is far from a complete table of contents of this course.

The First Series of Videos

Traffic Victory Module One
Traffic Victory Module One

begins with an introduction to Internet marketing to make sure everyone is on the same page as he walks through the process. He covers Why MMO site, income, and making contacts.

The second and third videos are basically a show-and-tell of Google rankings and a case study of the web site, “The Wolf of Internet Marketing,” which he readily admits is borrowed from the movie title, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” (a very good movie, IMHO). I fully understand wanting to set the stage and introduce himself as someone to listen to based on results, but both videos could be combined into one — all the information that's needed could be reduced to one short video.

He provides documents that you can download and use for reference:

  • Legal Pages Copy & Paste
  • 7-Day SEO Plan
  • Review Template
  • Robots Text copy paste
Traffic Victory Module Two
Traffic Victory Module Two

The second module of videos covers

choosing a domain name and actually setting up your site with a host and installing WordPress and various plugins you'll need. This is a great introduction for those who are just getting started with Internet marketing and owning a site. For those of us who have been running a site for several years, this is a lot of review. If you're just getting started, this is a great introduction to everything you'll need to know to get your site up and running. The module includes:

  • how to choose a POWER domain name,
  • how to buy the domain,
  • hosting,
  • SSL,
  • CDN,
  • cache,
  • and how to set up add-on domain,
  • how to set up WordPress,
  • hiding core user ID and installing plugins,
  • setting up widgets, Yoast SEO (my personal SEO of choice) and how to verify your site with Google,
  • what is robots.txt and how to set it up to maximize search engine performance.

The third module covers

  • more on robots.txt

    Traffic Victory Module Three
    Traffic Victory Module Three
  • making your site live with Fetch
  • setting up WordPress Smush,
  • using Google Analytics
  • SSL, CDN, Cacher, and how to set an add-on domain
  • how you can add your site to a CDN and why prefixes are important

Module four covers

  • social media accounts,
  • backlinks,
  • finding the best products to promote,
  • how to put together bonus packages to increase your conversions,

    Traffic Victory Module Four
    Traffic Victory Module Four
  • how to create your content and your reviews, types of reviews,
  • how to create a browser icon,
  • how to stay organized,
  • TinyMCE,
  • keyword images,
  • learn about Schema ratings.


Finally (this is all included in the ridiculously priced base product!)

Module five includes

  • Specific information concerning on-page Search Engine Optimization,

    Traffic Victory Module Five
    Traffic Victory Module Five
  • what to do once your content is up:
    • how to promote it,
    • how to get traffic to it,
    • how to use Fetch and social signals,
  • the complete 7-day SEO plan that Marc himself uses on every post, and how you can do the same.

If you're not a wildly successful Internet marketer and if you haven't yet written the book on SEO, this is an invaluable course.

In addition to the base product you'll also get access to several bonuses:

A WordPress plugin to enable you to create viral content and drive additional free traffic to your site.

Another training program, Traffic Victory Quick Skill, to improve your Internet marketing skills for even more income.

And there are more bonuses. I can’t believe Marc would sell all this for such a low price, but it’s his business. If it were me, I wouldn’t let this go for less than $100 plus a monthly subscription fee. In fact, just listening to Marc’s occasional ramblings while he explains something in a video is worth well more than the price of admission. The guy has a lot of experience and shares it throughout the videos.

This is not something you’ll just plug in and use – it’s an education program that will take some of your time. But if you’re serious about IM, you’ll want to watch many of his videos more than once.




Walmart: What’s so Bad?

Walmart Store
Walmart – American Success Story

I was thinking, for some inexplicable reason, about those who protest against Walmart and their employee pay scale and benefit package, or lack thereof. And then I thought, why don’t we protest against all businesses that aren't Walmart?

Here’s my reasoning; tell me where I’m wrong.

forced to shop at walmart?
Have all these people been forced to shop at Walmart?

Walmart doesn't force anyone to work for them. Slavery was abolished in the nineteenth century. I can only reach the conclusion that everyone working at Walmart is doing so voluntarily and because employment there is better than the next best option available to them. In other words, Walmart is offering each person who works there better pay, better benefits, or a better overall situation, all things considered, than any other option that person has.

The only conclusion I can reach, given that logic, is that every employer other than Walmart is offering less to potential employees and we should do something about it. I say we go through the Yellow Pages, starting with A, and protest every business that refuses to hire a Walmart employee for more pay and better benefits.

Walmart protesters
Target would love to see Walmart raise wages to $15 an hour for entry level employees.

Who’s with me?

Financial Tyranny Looms in the United States

The downward spiral continues. Americans are in danger of losing the remainder of their financial independence as the president has nominated an avowed enemy of cash, economist Marvin Goodfriend, to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

Marvin Goodfriend
Marvin Goodfriend, no friend of freedom

Goodfriend has written and has said in speeches (2016) that the existence of cash hinders the ability of the Federal Reserve Bank (a private corporation) to “lower interest rates to less than zero,” which is nothing more than a euphemism for charging a fee for bank deposits (and, of course, paying no interest).

Tho Bishop from the Mises Institute says, “Given his radical views on monetary policy, it’s not hyperbole to suggest that Goodfriend’s nomination would represent a genuine danger to the economic well-being of every American citizen—or at least those outside of the financial services industry (emphasis added).” (reference) Goodfriend has also suggested lowering the value of printed money compared with its electronic equivalent. So in his plan, a ten-dollar bill would purchase less than the use of a debit or credit card for the same amount.

If you choose to deposit your cash in a bank and accept that the bank is going to charge a fee for safe storage, that’s your business. But Goodfriend’s idea of devaluing cash compared with electronic funds, encouraging people to stop using cash altogether, is an attack on financial freedom. As J.D. Tuccille said, “Cash means freedom, which is why so many [government] officials hate it.”

Kenneth Rogoff
Kenneth Rogoff, Goodfriend supporter

Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff, a supporter of Goodfriend, said, “I believe that within a decade, all the world’s major central banks and treasuries are likely to have taken the simple steps necessary to create the foundations for effective negative interest rate policy in deep recessions or financial crises.” (reference)

Goodfriend believes, correctly, that the use of cash makes lowering interest rates below zero more difficult. And why would he want to lower interest rates below zero? As he has said, “In the next crisis the Fed might want to push interest rates into negative territory to prod people to stop sitting on their money and do something with it, such as consumption or investment that would get growth going again.”

As we’ve stated before, one of the ways a business acquires funds for startup or expansion is through borrowing. Borrowing from whom? From a bank. People don’t “sit on their money,” as Goodfriend has said. He knows very well that banks lend money to fund business expansion as well as to finance (unfortunately) consumer spending with credit cards and home equity lines of credit and myriad other forms of debt. There is no lack of consumer spending just because people use cash.

What he really wants is nothing more nor less than the ability to track and control all financial transactions. The advantage of cash isn’t just its convenience for relatively small, day-to-day expenses. The use of cash provides a shield between us and those in government who would like to track everything we do in order to ensure they mulct every tax penny out of us that they can.

To the extent that we are able to use cash our financial privacy is protected. If you choose to use your debit and credit cards and automatic payments for all expenses that’s your business. Government forcing you to do so is nothing less than financial tyranny.

Musings of a Male of European Descent

I realize this article by Fred Reed is somewhat harsh and makes some points based on generalizations. As with statistical samples, generalizations and stereotypes say absolutely nothing about a single individual, but where and when some truth lies buried in generalizations and stereotypes it shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand, especially when it is directly related to the amount of anger and violence we experience as a matter of course in America today. When truths are borne out by observation time and time again, they have a plaPreparing for the riotce in reasoned discussion of broad, societal issues.

Feeling uncomfortably in agreement with Mr. Reed, I find myself at a point of existential crisis as a white male of European descent in twenty-first century America. (If you’ll pardon the abbreviation for United States of America; I know the name America comprises two continents as well as the countries of Central America. Most readers assume correctly I’m talking about U.S.A.) My discomfort stems from the difficulty of reconciling a healthy, positive sense of self with what is thrust upon me in current American culture as a White Male of European descent. Celebrations of Asian pride, Black pride, Gay pride, Pinoy Pride, La Raza, and other group identities are not only glorified, but attendance at these celebrations has become de rigueur for media coverage, which is necessarily extremely positive, wherever they occur.

But European pride? Why, that’s just a synonym for White Racism. Everyone knows that. Never mind white Europeans, for the most part led by males, built the very foundations of the culture of personal liberty that allows the masses to celebrate their otherness without fear of having their tongues cut out, their noses cut off, or being beheaded in the public square, punishments that still occur in some non-western countries. The peoples of European stock banned slavery in the West while it continued to be practiced throughout much of the rest of the world. More specifically, it was Roman Catholic priests who began the original fight against slavery and oppression of the inhabitants of what they knew as the new world. Christian nations ended slavery centuries before it was banned in virtually every other major civilization (only outlawed in Mauritania in 1981), yet there are multitudes among us who continue to flog themselves with guilt at every opportunity. With all the advances the European culture has brought to the human race, still white European Christians are the only group that not only takes delight in criticizing itself but diligently seeks opportunities to do so in the public square. We relish to no end the shouting of mea culpas for anyone who will listen. European civilization and its Greek and Roman predecessors are responsible for the lion’s share of philosophy, art, science, and technology that brought the western world out of a life of hard labor and early death. But the more we apologize, the more we are lambasted with criticism. To unearth more insults and to find more to criticize in those of European ancestry, the Social Justice Warriors have turned to seeking out micro aggressions; there just aren’t enough real aggressions or insults to complain about these days, so we're examined under a microscope, seeking out any and every possible word, phrase, or mode of living that could possibly be interpreted by a hyper-sensitive SJW as an insult to someone's vaunted pride.

Image of police over-reactionWe see now the backlash of decades of political correctness and the onslaught of Social Justice Warriors.  The great unwashed masses, the mundanes in fly-over country, the deplorables are standing up and yelling, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” An American businessman who is rough around the edges (to put it mildly) and is the opposite of a polished political speaker (to put it very mildly), and definitely not a schmoozer with the elites and the Wall Street/D.C. crowd, grabbed the emotions of millions upon millions who have reached the breaking point of feeling guilty and sorry and remorseful and responsible for every ill of the downtrodden protected classes of the country and was elected president due to the sentiment. The limousine liberals, the SJW’s, the poor-me crowd, those who have profited from divisiveness and especially all those who would like to see all of us of European heritage die a natural or not so natural death have sown the wind. Prepare for the whirlwind.

The Scourge of Graffiti

grafitti in Granada 1
While this is a nice picture, still, it's not the artist's wall.

Someone wants to express himself (and I’m willing to bet 99 times out of 100 it’s a he who wields the spray can) so he takes a can of paint and goes out at four o’clock in the morning and makes his “artistic” mark on whatever vertical surface looks most appealing or that has the fewest people around to observe him. He and countless others leave their graffiti on some wall like a pack of dogs marking their territory, and normally what they paint has just as much to offer.

I really don’t care if the guy is a budding Rembrandt; the wall or the bus or the train or whatever isn’t his to paint on. I was having a discussion about graffiti with another person who said if the painter really has talent she doesn’t really mind—some graffiti is really nice art.

Grafitti in Granada, Andalucia, Spain
Could anyone, even an adolescent male, not think this is ugly?

Really? I wonder if she would have said that if the “artist” had painted a nice picture on the side of her car.

This is specifically the point. In the right context people can understand the idea of private property—that it’s not OK for someone to do whatever he wants with your property. What if it’s someone else’s property? Most people would agree that it’s not right to paint on the side of someone’s house. OK. So what about the side of an office building, or a wall along a street? Now it’s a matter of whether the owner of the building or the wall has more money than you think he needs, or owns a business you don’t like. Then, for some reason, it’s OK to paint on his or her wall. What if the wall is “public property?” Ignoring the fact that all “public property” is property purchased with money stolen from others in the form of taxation, it remains the case that even the “public” wall is not the property of the one painting on it. The painter has no right to alter a wall that he doesn't own.

I see graffiti as one symptom of a larger problem, a problem that affects our entire society: the fact that the right to private property is not acknowledged as a fundamental principal, inviolable and sacrosanct.

Ubiquitous graffiti in Granada, Andalucia, Spain
Ubiquitous graffiti in Granada, Andalucia, Spain

It is specifically the right to private property that is a fundamental bedrock of an advanced society.

Without it, there is no incentive to plan for the future, to save and invest, to give up today what you might enjoy in the present in order to have something tomorrow. Without the fundamental confidence in the principal that your property is yours and will continue to be yours into the future, forever, to do with as you please, to give to whomever you will, there is no motivation not to consume today everything you produce today. On the contrary, the incentive is not only to consume all you produce, but to produce absolutely no more than you can immediately consume.

It would be nice if human nature were otherwise; if people would work unceasingly solely to give to others without regard for their own well being. It would be a wonderful existence if we were all angels, if no one desired their own property to do with as they please, to make their own lives more enjoyable and comfortable, to secure their own future and the future of their families against an unknown future.

But we’re not angels. And the best way all societies have found throughout history to incentivize individuals to produce more than they consume is to protect and preserve the inviolable right to private property. Property rights promote stability, enable and encourage people to preserve the fruits of their individual labor. Private property enhances economic efficiency.

More graffiti in Granada
Ugly ugly ugly

Regarding the problem of graffiti, “We may say that a man’s right to property tells us not so much what he may properly do but rather what others may not properly do to him.” (Eric Dalton. “Private Property and Collective Security” Left and Right, No. 3 (Autumn 1966): 33-47.) I would add, not only to him, but to his property.

The graffiti that is so prevalent is not a disease, it is only a symptom. It’s an obvious and ugly symptom, but it’s nothing compared with the devolution of civilized society that is characterized by cynicism, mistrust, and the slow but steady collapse of not only our economic systems but of an entire civilization.

The coming downfall will have been brought on by myriad causes, but in large part it will be the result of the loss of respect for the concept of private property.

Graffiti in Granada, Andalucia, Spain

Wilderness Survival: Are You Prepared?

I liked this video. We here at get real excited about online marketing and the state of the economy, but when the sh*t hits the fan (and it will), you better be prepared for anything. Survival means a lot of things to a lot of people. You may never find yourself in the wilderness, but having some skills and information at hand is never a bad thing.

Man up, guys. Make sure you can take care of yourself out there. It's not only necessary, it's fun.

And check out this great trenching tool. It got great reviews.

Review: Azon Authority

A fool and his money are soon parted.

If you’re thinking of setting up an Amazon Associate store, please allow me to pass along some expensive (for me) advice. Don’t bother with Azon Authority and ADD Marketing Group. In my defense, I looked for information on the product before buying it but if there is one thing Sean Donahoe is good at, it’s promotion. The internet is full of his marketing disguised as reviews. Don’t be fooled. All the good reviews for his products are from ADD Marketing Group.

Not finding a bad review—My bad, I didn’t put enough diligence into my research—I purchased AzonAuthority, Done For You Power Builder, and AzonAuthority – Advanced Training and Power Bundle for a total of almost $400. I was serious about getting an Amazon store going and was willing to invest the money to do so.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, there are problems with the products and I made the mistake of struggling with them 2 days longer than I should have. Don’t go an hour over that limit. I fully understand that they’re in business to make money, but there is also such as thing as ethics. This company doesn’t understand the latter.

During my 32 days of struggle I spent countless hours watching the video tutorials, reading the FAQ’s, and looking for any other documentation they might have on their web site to solve my problems. I submitted 7 trouble tickets beginning the first week after purchase and continuing through day 32—the ONLY way of contacting customer support—and received helpful answers to only 2 of them. Other responses were, “Read the FAQ’s, then get back to us.” I’m currently “between contracts” (unemployed), so I was able to spend several hours per day wrestling with these products. I have been a technical project manager since 1982 and have experience as a web/database application designer. I am not ignorant of the technology in use.

So what’s wrong with Azon Authority? Let me count the ways.

  1. Support is awful. They are slow and unresponsive. The only way to contact them is through a trouble ticket, which may or may not be answered with anything resembling timeliness.
    2. The FAQ’s are sorely lacking in information.
    3. You can join a discussion group to see if other users can answer your questions, but that costs extra.
    4. There is no documentation for the product that I could find. The only setup instructions are in video tutorials, which are short on useful, and long on extraneous information. (Do I really need instruction in Photoshop before even getting the basic product to function?) The videos are also poorly produced and unprepared. Sean goes through what might be useful information much too quickly with little regard for explaining how the product works. I watched the videos again and again, stopping, backing up, studying the screen to see if I could figure out what he was doing. But Sean is so unprepared, at one point in video #5 he even states that he forgets what’s on the page being displayed. He asks the viewers to wait a minute while he tries to remember. The he has the gall to state that this product is so powerful—blah blah blah blah blah. This is in a video that is already an hour in length, which is about twice what it should be if he would just stick to the material and present it with some logic. Mr. Donahoe may be good at marketing, but he’s like the Music Man—all sales and no support. The videos demonstrate that Mr. Donahoe doesn’t have enough respect for his paying customers to even produce decent-quality training videos, much less product documentation.
    5. The Azon Authority template is extremely “heavy.” Response time is painfully slow. When I finally gave up on Azon and installed Prosociate response time improved noticeably.
    6. As a final note, every time you log into your customer home page you get Mr. Donahoe yelling, “Hey there, I forgot to tell you about…” I asked repeatedly in my trouble ticket texts if there might be some way of logging into the company’s site without having to have your finger ready on the “stop” button to avoid the annoying video. Maybe the answer was in the FAQ’s but I couldn’t find it.

My contention is that more than 30 days is required for in-depth evaluation of Azon Authority and the add-on products to determine whether they will function, given the lack of documentation and poor customer service. I wanted the product to work, thus my 32 days of trying. I would have continued, and maybe I would have eventually resolved my problems, except for the fact that on day 32 I found someone who recommended a better product, Prosociate, at much lower cost and was able to get my store in a presentable condition in a matter of a few hours with it.

While ADD Marketing Group has no legal obligation to refund my $400, in my most humble opinion they do have a moral and ethical obligation to do so. Their product is poorly documented, heavy, and poorly supported. I have approached them with my justification for a refund, but their answer was an insincere “Sorry, no can do. Thank you for your kind replies, you are greatly appreciated.”

As a staunch free-market capitalist, I feel I have a moral obligation to you, my readers, to let you know the problems I had with their product so that you might not lose your money. We can vote with our dollars. My advice: do not give Sean Donahoe your vote.

In summary, do not purchase anything from ADD Marketing Group.

Caveat emptor.

Review: High Ticket Cash Machines

Do you suppose it might be possible to find an honest review of an online (affiliate) marketing program that is simply a straight-forward review and information source you can check out before purchase? I, personally, am sick to death of “reviews” that are nothing more than some affiliate marketer’s landing page. This review of Michael Cheney's High Ticket Cash Machines is my honest assessment of the product after having purchased, studied, and used it.

I can understand other reviewers' motives; I too market and want to sell products to help online marketers achieve their objectives. And of course, if I find a product that I believe has value and high quality I would like to market it and receive commissions for my work. I am, if nothing else, an unapologetic capitalist and salesman.

By the same token, if I find a product I believe to be a waste of money and time, I’ll tell you about that also. I will not, however, provide links to the product or encourage its purchase. It should not take much effort to realize that reviews of those products, taking time from my business and other pursuits of life, are going to be few and far between. Naturally, the vast majority of products I review will be positive and I will encourage you to purchase them if their purpose is what you need for your particular circumstances.

My Review of High Ticket Cash Machines by Michael Cheney

With that as introduction, I invite you to read my review of High ticket Cash Machines. This High Ticket Cash Machinesisn’t a landing page. I don’t have lots of white space and leading sentences. This is an informational article to give you the information you need in order to make an intelligent decision on whether you want to make an investment in this product. If you're not already in the affiliate marketing business, check out one of my other articles here.

High Ticket Cash Machines – How to Sell High Ticket Products is a done-for-you (DFY) marketing program that gives you access to a suite of products from Michael Cheney. You not only become an approved affiliate marketer of this product, but several other high-quality programs from Mr. Cheney. As this is a DFY product, you have access to Mr. Cheney’s entertaining email texts so you don’t even have to be concerned with writing engaging ad copy.

When you purchase High Ticket Cash Machines by Michael Cheney you’ll first get access to this page.

High Ticket Cash Machines Home PageThis is the Dashboard, giving you access to training and some other bonus products you can use for content creation and additional training and support.

The value to this product is not only that you get access to marketing rights to a suite of high-quality products, but you receive an extensive series of training videos, including recordings of seminars that people have paid thousands to attend. The training is well-paced, informative, and created with high production values. If you’ve purchased other products and sat through their “training” videos, you’ll appreciate the quality of Mr. Cheney’s. He's obviously been doing this a while and has perfected his presentation skills.

What You'll Receive

In the Product Selection training you’ll learn How to choose affiliate products and the best networks, How to choose CPA offers and best CPA networks, and How to choose high paying Affiliate and CPA offers. Mr. Cheney also includes a “Rolodex” of high-paying affiliate offers to choose from.High Ticket Cash Machines Rolodex

Under the Lead Capture tab you’ll receive extensive training in How to set up a landing page, templates to help you set up your ad copy that work in any niche, and landing page analytics and optimization, including tracking and split testing to ensure optimal opt in rate.

The Research and Traffic tab offers a wealth of information you could easily pay thousands for and spend a year researching on your own. This section is so extensive I can only provide bullet points in this review. I have to repeat, though, that all training materials and videos are of the highest production quality and well worth your time to watch more than once to digest fully.

  • Competitor traffic Analytics – How to analyze your competitors’ traffic and advertising,
  • Audience research – How to research your audience demographics and behaviors,
  • PPC basics – Pay per Click basics including key word research,
  • Bing PPC ads set up – Bing Pay Per Click Ads Set Up including tips and research,
  • Facebook traffic – How to get Facebook traffic both free and paid,
  • Facebook audience insights – Advanced training on how to use Facebook Audience Insights,
  • Video traffic – How to get traffic via video,
  • Solo ads,
  • CPV – How to get Cost per View traffic,
  • Media Ads – How to get traffic via banner ads across the web,
  • Mobile traffic – How to get traffic from mobile device users,
  • SEO and Keyword research – How to get free organic website traffic using Search Engine Optimization and associated keyword research,
  • Article Marketing – How to get traffic from publishing articles,
  • Other traffic sources – how to tap into 6 underground traffic sources,
  • Retargeting – How to follow your visitors all around the web using this ultra-cheap, high converting traffic source.

And that’s just one module of training. You should plan on spending the better part of an entire week studying the material you’ll receive with this product. In fact, the greatest value of High ticket Cash Machines is not just the affiliate access to his products, but the wealth of information you’ll get in the training. You can follow up and educate yourself in any of the topics above, but you could certainly take only what you get from the training videos and build a successful online marketing business.

In addition, you’ll have excellent support from Mr. Cheney’s team in addition to an extensive knowledge base of FAQ’s and other tips.

Any Complaints?

Nothing is perfect. As a DFY product, your only task is to generate traffic of people who are interested in what Mr. Cheney has to offer. And that brings me to the only downside of this program.

You want to build your own list of people who are interested in online marketing, but if you send them directly to High Ticket Cash Machines, Mr. Cheney gets their email address – you don’t. True, he will then market to the people you send him and you will get commissions from their purchases – immediate and future. But you won’t have their email addresses for your own follow-on marketing. This is fine if you don’t care to market products other than his. Mr. Cheney is an expert in online marketing, so if you send good prospects to his site you will earn commissions.

If you have an email auto-responder you can set up a landing page to capture the prospect’s email address, give them more information, and then offer the prospect the ability to click to Mr. Cheney’s landing page. But the prospect will have to again enter an email address to gain access to a sales page. In my humble opinion, that might turn off some people.

On the other hand, this might also weed out the ones who are not really serious about finding out what’s on the other side. After all, you’re not interested in sending traffic to his site; you want to send high-quality traffic, people who are willing and ready to buy. I’ll gladly exchange one hundred non-purchasers for one purchaser. Wouldn’t you?

My Recommendation for High Ticket Cash Machines

High Ticket Cash Machine is one of Michael Cheney’s products you will find through the Commissionology suite of products, which I will also recommend in a future review. As you might gather, I am a fan of Mr. Cheney’s products; I appreciate their quality and the obvious time and thought he puts into their creation and his training programs. I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve seen a lot of poor quality. You will not have this experience from any of Michael Cheney’s products and training programs.

I highly recommend High Ticket Cash Machines, which you can find through this link to Commissionology. (I'll be reviewing Commissionology in another article.)

Advantages of Online Marketing

Online Marketing or The Old Reliable: Which is Right for You?

Running your own business, working for yourself, is the dream of millions of people. Independence and self-determination was the driving force behind the founding of the United States and was one of the factors behind this country's unprecedented growth and prosperity. That spirit, sadly, was waned, but has never truly left the people of this country and many other people around the world.

However, starting a business today is not for the faint of heart. For most businesses, the amount of paperwork and regulatory compliance staring the business owner in the face, to say nothing of the commitment of capital required, forces a huge gap between those who would like to be their own boss and those who actually take the plunge. Those who do venture into the world of business ownership have two directions they can choose: go whole hog in a full-time business or start slowly with something part time while maintaining a steady income from a job. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For most people, though, financial and other exigencies dictate the part-time approach. For that, we here at recommend online affiliate marketing.


No matter what the online marketing gurus tell you, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL). A brick and mortar business, as well as an online business, requires time and work. Within limits, the more time and work you put in the more you’ll get back in revenue and profits. The difference, though, is that the brick and mortar business is more likely to shackle you to operating the business without respite just to break even for the first couple of years, if not longer. The degree of risk you undertake to open a physical store front and the pressure to “make a go of it,” can bring the strongest man to tears and exhaustion. Unique ideas can be a hard sell; non-unique ideas have to deal with tremendous competition. With a popular product you’re going to have to come up with some way to convince your competitor’s customers to switch to your business. As they say, paraphrased, if you create a better mousetrap you’ll still have to market the hell out of it to get customers to beat a path to your door.

On the other hand, online marketing provides several advantages in this area. Remember, you’re marketing products that others have created and will support after the sale.

You build your reputation standing on their shoulders. You can market known brands from famous companies, thus utilizing the reputations of those businesses to build yours. But that’s just getting started. On top of that, you have no great financial investment on the line and you’re still able to maintain an income from a full time job that pays your living expenses while you work on building for the future.

Running a brick and mortar business is incredibly risky. If your business fails, as do the great majority, your source of income has ended. Worse, you may (probably) still have debt to pay off, leases to settle, and other financial matters hanging over your head. Depending on how much debt your business had and how you financed the venture, you could loose much more than income.

Online marketing removes that risk. You’re paid according to how well you perform, but you don’t have fixed expenses that have to be met regardless of your personal profitability. Naturally, you want your business to perform well and be profitable, but if profitability takes time (and it probably will), you don’t need to concern yourself and your family with financial disaster. You can work with only well-established and trustworthy distributors so you have no concerns about being faithfully paid for work you’ve done and sales you’ve made.

In a traditional business, advertising falls on your shoulders or those of someone you hire. (Hiring personnel brings its own headaches that don’t necessarily exist in the online world.) If you have enough money in your budget to hire someone, that’s great. Otherwise, you’ll have to become an “Ad-man” in a very short time. Marketing and advertising is not something you want to learn on-the-job in a startup business.

As an online marketer, you can easily find products where someone else has taken care of the ad copy, the landing and squeeze pages, and sometimes even the email text you can copy and paste. Normally you’ll be given all you need to market the product and you may also receive good advice from the product producers on how best to sell the product. Online marketing programs want to help you as much as possible. It only makes sense; the more money you make, the more they make.

Which way to go?

Business is tough no matter how you slice it. Either route you take will require hard work and dedication. The difference is, in online marketing if you don’t make money today, you still have a job that continues to pay the bills, and you can look forward to tomorrow. It’s a virtually risk-free business. This allows you time to concentrate on what needs to be done, learning as you go, and enjoying the journey.

You may not be surprised that I don't only wish for your success, but I provide a jump start to it. I have personally used this system and found it to be one of the best.

As always, here's to your success,


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DeMar Southard

Hypocrisy and Immigration

I'll let Mr. Molyneux speak for himself, but I'll just preface this brief video to say that I fully support the nation of Israel having the right to determine and control who is allowed to immigrate to their country. They have every right to not only protect their citizens but to also maintain their culture.

With that said, I also have to state categorically that other nations have the same right.