Affiliate Marketing and Pay per Click

It’s possible, not probable but possible, that you already make all the money you want or need. That would make me ask the question, what the hell are you doing here?

For the rest of us, earning more cash would be welcome and affiliate marketing is one of the paths to financial independence. Even if you’re not concerned with money–maybe you have the Midas touch–I assume if you’re reading this you’re looking for something else to excel at. Maybe you’re looking for something to replace your present source of income with another from a business model that allows you to work from anywhere and on your schedule.

With internet marketing in all its flavors there are ways you can turn your computer into a profit center. There’s only so much time you can spend on Facebook and playing games. Why not turn that one-eyed monster into a tool that will earn you the income you deserve?

This article is directed at those who have a web site or are willing to create one. You post great content—timely, informative, and well written. Your writing is second only to Steinbeck, and still you earn nothing for your efforts.

Maybe you just need to expand your horizons. There are pay per click affiliate sites you can use to start seeing some passive income in your PayPal account. All you have to do is register for those sites and maintain your web site. Google, Yahoo, and others will do the rest and you’ll make money while you sleep.

One of the methods with which you can earn income as an affiliate marketer is Pay per Click ad revenue. And one of the most popular and readily available Pay per Click programs is Google Adsense. When you’re accepted as an affiliate, you only need to add some code to your site and, “magically,” ads will appear on your site targeted to the viewer. When one of your site viewers clicks on an ad you get a referral payment. Your only job, as it always was and always will be, is driving traffic to your site. Whatever your viewer was previously interested in will be reflected in the ad he or she sees.

You might assume that if you are bringing traffic to Google ad sponsors Google will “like” your site, which will help in your site ranking. You assume correctly. It’s all about the money, after all.

You might also assume that hundreds of thousands of web sites are trying to get in on this deal. Again, you assume correctly. When you apply for acceptance to Google Adsense be prepared to stand in a LO-O-O-NG line of people waiting for approval. You may be approved in a matter of days. You may be approved in a matter of weeks. Many weeks. Be patient and let the process work. To make sure you go through the steps correctly I highly recommend using a product called Sense Drill and its included training program. It’s very inexpensive and will lead you through the process step by step, and then show you how to promote your site at no cost. It’s well worth the tiny investment. Click here to get the details.

If you’ve been in the Internet business for any length of time you know you have to pepper your blog articles with keywords and phrases that people are looking for. Use the right keywords and people will find your site. Use keywords no one gives a sh*t about, and you might as well spend your time watching reruns of Andy of Mayberry. As you probably guessed, Google Adsense can help with your keyword usage. Google is the 800-pound gorilla in the Internet search business; you can bet that their ads are going to contain the most searched keywords.

Adsense will place page-appropriate ads on your webpage so you don’t have to be concerned with someone seeing an ad for a Swiffer on your page promoting the sport of Curling. (Why you would promote Curling, I have no idea.) For example, if you have a pet care site, ads related to that topic will be shown. Obscure ads that have nothing to do with your page are not likely to impress your reader or increase your earnings. Google wants to show that it has value so you’ll continue using their services–they will ensure appropriate ads are shown on your site.

Google Adsense is only one example of search engines that offer a Pay per Click money making service. There are others; all you have to do is perform a Google search of Pay per Click services. One you’re sure to find is Yahoo Publisher. It functions in much the same way as Google Adsense and offers a similar style of service. Which one you choose is up to you. If you have more than one site, try both and see which performs best. As with all advertising, you want to perform an A-B test and see which is better. If B turns out to be more profitable, go with that one and then try option C. Compare B to C and go with the one that creates the most profits. Keep doing this until you’re satisfied you’ve found the best option.

Every page you produce should be its own profit center. Treat each site and each page as you would a brick and mortar business. If it’s not profitable, why keep it open? Why put your valuable time into its creation and maintenance, unless you’re just running a vanity site? In which case, why did you just spend five valuable minutes reading this article?

Get serious about your Internet site. Google Adsense is just one way of ensuring that the time you spend in site creation and promotion is profitable. Follow this site for future articles on other ideas to make your web site your own profit center.


Here’s to your success,


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