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Online Marketing or The Old Reliable: Which is Right for You?

Running your own business, working for yourself, is the dream of millions of people. Independence and self-determination was the driving force behind the founding of the United States and was one of the factors behind this country’s unprecedented growth and prosperity. That spirit, sadly, was waned, but has never truly left the people of this country and many other people around the world.

However, starting a business today is not for the faint of heart. For most businesses, the amount of paperwork and regulatory compliance staring the business owner in the face, to say nothing of the commitment of capital required, forces a huge gap between those who would like to be their own boss and those who actually take the plunge. Those who do venture into the world of business ownership have two directions they can choose: go whole hog in a full-time business or start slowly with something part time while maintaining a steady income from a job. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For most people, though, financial and other exigencies dictate the part-time approach. For that, we here at recommend online affiliate marketing.


No matter what the online marketing gurus tell you, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL). A brick and mortar business, as well as an online business, requires time and work. Within limits, the more time and work you put in the more you’ll get back in revenue and profits. The difference, though, is that the brick and mortar business is more likely to shackle you to operating the business without respite just to break even for the first couple of years, if not longer. The degree of risk you undertake to open a physical store front and the pressure to “make a go of it,” can bring the strongest man to tears and exhaustion. Unique ideas can be a hard sell; non-unique ideas have to deal with tremendous competition. With a popular product you’re going to have to come up with some way to convince your competitor’s customers to switch to your business. As they say, paraphrased, if you create a better mousetrap you’ll still have to market the hell out of it to get customers to beat a path to your door.

On the other hand, online marketing provides several advantages in this area. Remember, you’re marketing products that others have created and will support after the sale.

You build your reputation standing on their shoulders. You can market known brands from famous companies, thus utilizing the reputations of those businesses to build yours. But that’s just getting started. On top of that, you have no great financial investment on the line and you’re still able to maintain an income from a full time job that pays your living expenses while you work on building for the future.

Running a brick and mortar business is incredibly risky. If your business fails, as do the great majority, your source of income has ended. Worse, you may (probably) still have debt to pay off, leases to settle, and other financial matters hanging over your head. Depending on how much debt your business had and how you financed the venture, you could loose much more than income.

Online marketing removes that risk. You’re paid according to how well you perform, but you don’t have fixed expenses that have to be met regardless of your personal profitability. Naturally, you want your business to perform well and be profitable, but if profitability takes time (and it probably will), you don’t need to concern yourself and your family with financial disaster. You can work with only well-established and trustworthy distributors so you have no concerns about being faithfully paid for work you’ve done and sales you’ve made.

In a traditional business, advertising falls on your shoulders or those of someone you hire. (Hiring personnel brings its own headaches that don’t necessarily exist in the online world.) If you have enough money in your budget to hire someone, that’s great. Otherwise, you’ll have to become an “Ad-man” in a very short time. Marketing and advertising is not something you want to learn on-the-job in a startup business.

As an online marketer, you can easily find products where someone else has taken care of the ad copy, the landing and squeeze pages, and sometimes even the email text you can copy and paste. Normally you’ll be given all you need to market the product and you may also receive good advice from the product producers on how best to sell the product. Online marketing programs want to help you as much as possible. It only makes sense; the more money you make, the more they make.

Which way to go?

Business is tough no matter how you slice it. Either route you take will require hard work and dedication. The difference is, in online marketing if you don’t make money today, you still have a job that continues to pay the bills, and you can look forward to tomorrow. It’s a virtually risk-free business. This allows you time to concentrate on what needs to be done, learning as you go, and enjoying the journey.

You may not be surprised that I don’t only wish for your success, but I provide a jump start to it. I have personally used this system and found it to be one of the best.

As always, here’s to your success,


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