About Us

What is DeMarSouthard.com…

…and who is DeMar Southard?

Here’s the long and short of it. For too many decades I was a technical project manager, not out of a deep-seated need to tell others what to do and when to do it and then ask them why it wasn’t done, but just as a manner of making a living that I somehow fell into after receiving a Bachelor of Music degree. (That should serve as proof that life can be as random as a pinball machine ball rolling through The Dukes of Hazard.)

At one point in life, I came to the realization that what really tripped my trigger was travel, discovering new places, living in the far-flung reaches of the world. But how does a project manager, stuck in a chair in a cubicle in an office building travel the world?

Short answer: he doesn’t.

But through the miracle of technology, we can now, should we choose, earn a living anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. Through searching for products that I can market via the internet, I’ve discovered a few products that are worthy of promotion, products that will help businesses market their products in an age where physical location is no longer a factor in who a company reaches. I use some of the products, but I don’t need them all. When I find a good product, even if I don’t personally need it, I’ll review it here. I won’t bother reviewing the bad products unless I find some absolutely awful gadget that I feel it necessary to warn people against.

I also write and edit, another activity one can pursue anywhere in the world. I’ll post links under the Services tab above.

Should you need an article or e-book written on any subject and don’t feel you’re up to the task, let me know through the Contact page. I’ve ghost written e-books and articles and will gladly and enthusiastically accept more assignments.

Purpose and Goals

What is this web site for? Good question and I’m glad you asked. Ideally, I’d prefer to be a completely private person and I’d be happy if no one knew of my existence outside of my friends and family. Unfortunately, that’s not the nature of the world we live in. My goal is to be able to provide services and information to people, to provide some value in exchange for enough money to live. Pretty simple, no?

Problem is, I don’t want to sit in a cubicle every day in order to do that. I basically divide my productive energy into three categories:

  • Promote software solutions for internet marketing
  • Write books, memoirs, and informational articles
  • Edit and proofread for other writers

I hope you find something of interest here.

If you would like more information on what we do here at DeMarSouthard.com, click the “Contact” link above and I’ll be in touch as soon as humanly possible.

Questions? Comments?

If you’d like to know more about software products to help your internet marketing efforts, need professional editing or a book or article, or want to read an interesting travel memoir or novel (that I’ve written, of course) let me know.

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