I was thinking, for some inexplicable reason, about those who protest against Walmart and their employee pay scale and benefit package, or lack thereof. And then I thought, why don’t we protest against all businesses that aren't Walmart?

Here’s my reasoning; tell me where I’m wrong.

Walmart doesn't force anyone to work for them; slavery was abolished in the nineteenth century. I can only reach the conclusion that everyone working at Walmart is doing so voluntarily and because employment there is better than the next best option available to them. In other words, Walmart is offering each person who works there better pay, better benefits, or a better overall situation, all things considered, than any other option that person has.

The only conclusion I can reach, given that logic, is that every employer other than Walmart is offering less to potential employees and we should do something about it. I say we go through the Yellow Pages, starting with A, and protest every business that refuses to hire a Walmart employee for more pay and better benefits.

Who’s with me?

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