Woman resting on Camino de Santiago

This site is undergoing major reconstructive surgery.

There’s absolutely nothing to see here now except the picture to the left. If you like it, do the right-click thing and steal it–you have my permission (it’s my pic, so I can do that.)

This site used to have political and social opinions (mine, of course), reviews of books and online marketing tools.

But I’ve decided to keep my opinions to myself. You want opinions? There are a million new words posted every day on the internet on any topic you can think of. I figured mine were just filling it with more that probably weren’t being read anyway. And since we live in such contentious times, my out-of-the-mainstream opinions could only provide sparks to set off some deranged person’s temper tantrum. Better to leave things unsaid. Anyway, whatever I had to say was generally said better by others.

But since you’re here, I can’t pass up the opportunity to promote a few books I’ve written. I didn’t have much to say in the way of politics and social commentary that hadn’t been said before, but you won’t find what I’ve written in my books anywhere else, guaranteed.

The first book is a memoir of my walk from Montserrat (near Barcelona) to Finisterre on the western coast of Spain. The second concerns my journey from Barcelona to Rome. The other two are wildly entertaining crime novels. You can get more information about each at Amazon.com by clicking on the image. Before long there will be another travel memoir about my walk from Almería on the southeastern Spanish coast to Muxía on the northwestern coast. Sometime in 2020 you’ll be able to purchase the third installment of A Woman for Five Seasons.